Amy Africa

Amy Africa
4 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate That Nobody Tells You About

Conversion is a tricky subject. If I want to double your conversion overnight, I can. I can also do it without a lot of effort. How? All I need to do is block or reroute the "bad" (read: nonconverting) traffic coming to your site. Your conversion will double, triple, maybe even more. Sadly, it's very unlikely that your revenues will follow. In fact, in most cases they'll nosedive and take your profits down right along with them.

Are There Magic Buttons in Your Customers’ Brains?

Do you think there’s a magic button you can push in your customers’ brains to get them to buy? Do you think there are techniques you can use to get people to add something to their carts or to start to fill out a lead form? To make them buy more or inquire faster?

Triggering Customer Interest

These days, everyone and their brother has a thrust e-mail program. But surprisingly, very few folks have triggers. Trigger e-mails, also known as “good dog” e-mails, are sent to individuals based on actions. The action could be good (thanking them for orders), bad (when they abandoned their carts, for example) or indifferent (confirming votes in a poll). But it’s always a happening, event or instance. Triggers are successful because they have higher response rates, better deliverability and improved lifetime profit.

How to Interact Online

By Amy Africa 7 sure-fire techniques for creating involvement on your Web site. Are you having trouble increasing the amount of time your users spend on your site? Do you have a difficult time building up your number of drills (clicks)? If so, here are seven proven tips you can consider. 1. Quiz your customers. One of the most effective ways to get your customers involved is still an old-fashioned quiz. Quizzes are good not only because they generate user involvement, but also because they offer an opportunity to learn more about your users without being threatening. For example, JoAnna Brandi,

Create the Perfect Home Page

By Amy Africa If your company is like most, 80 percent to 90 percent of the people who visit its Web site today will not make it past the page they came in on. Usually, this happens because you don't give users what they're looking for the instant they arrive. Something to Look at One of the first things customers look for on a home page or entry page is an offer—a reason to stay. In the upper right-hand quad of your site, you need to give the customer something to focus on. Deals, especially limited-time deals, work best, but you also can use

Navigation That Works (964 words)

By Amy Africa Master site navigation—and get your right-hand column on the right track. For most companies, 80 percent to 90 percent of the people who visit their sites never leave the page they came in on. Some of this happens because the user clicked the wrong button and subsequently landed on the wrong page, but most of it happens because the company didn't give customers what they were looking for the instant they arrived. What do users look for on an entry page? One of the first things is a reason to stay. In the

Keeping Web Sites Fresh

Six Low-cost, No Fuss Ideas to Generate Repeat Visits By Amy Africa According to traffic patterns, the typical business-to-consumer Web site needs to be updated at least every five days, and a standard business-to-business Web site needs to be updated every eight days. Don't have much time or resources? Don't despair. Keeping your Web site fresh is actually easier than it looks. There are only a few things that work and even fewer that users notice.

Clicks That Count

The Only 4 Things That Make a Difference Online By Amy Africa I just got off the phone with a soon-to-be-ex-client. Soon meaning, soon-as-I-can-write-them-a-Dear-John-letter-soon. Every Monday, Peter (name changed to protect the guilty) calls or e-mails me to tell me about some fancy-schmancy new next-best-thing he found over the weekend. You know, THE THING that will reinvent his $250 million e-business overnight. As if. Sure, there are lots of bells and whistles you can add to your site, but do any of them work? Are any of them worth the money? Not really.  Don't get me wrong, I like all the new, singing, dancing