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The Case for Ads in Digital Magazines

 The meteoric rise of the tablet platform continues unabated as Apple and others post record sales figures each quarter. There's no debate that consumers have enthusiastically embraced this new communication and content as their primary technology platform. There are countless research studies that validate the growing interest and intensity around content and commerce opportunities being showcased within the tablet format.

5 Marketing Predictions for 2012

If you stick around long enough in the digital marketing business, you get to read a lot of these types of columns — one expert or another prognosticating about the future. If I had such a talent, my sense is that it would be put to best use in selecting next week’s lottery numbers. Like you, I have no crystal ball. But I have spent a great deal of my career meeting with marketers in search of innovative ways to acquire and retain new and existing customers, build lifetime value, and win back lost customers.

eView: It's No Longer a Mail-Dominated World

Ah, the mail. In the late 1600s, people were forced to wait for a friend or relative headed in the same direction to send a letter. In 1775, the Continental Congress named Benjamin Franklin postmaster general, and he surveyed routes for shorter and faster service. In April 1860, a group of entrepreneurs came up with the idea of using mounted riders rather than stagecoaches to deliver mail across shorter routes.

The Metrics That Matter

Say what you want about e-mail. The fact is, it is the backbone of online marketing and communications. E-mail remains the top online marketing channel today, according to Forrester Research. And for good reason. No other channel provides such clear, consistent and, quite frankly, unparalleled ROI.

3 Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret: the most successful companies today get the lion’s share of their business from repeat customers. And for obvious reasons. Loyal customers, after all, buy more, spend more and refer others to your business. And it is much easier to sell products and services to someone who’s already had an experience with your company—and it costs far less than chasing after an entirely new prospect. That’s just Marketing 101. But how do you nurture your best customers to keep them coming back? Technology has helped, certainly—through the emergence of CRM tools, e-mail marketing, Web development innovations and social media, for example. But

The E-mail Publishing Paradigm (486 words)

By Al Diguido Answers that can help get the creative wheels rolling The impact of the Internet on the publishing industry as a content delivery and distribution channel is unquestioned. At first many editors believed content could be transferred directly from print to the Web with little editing. It was the sophisticates in the group who realized the medium required a new set of publishing rules. In those halcyon days, page views were king. Publishers generated their Internet revenues by charging advertisers high CPMs to reach their audiences. Publishers reaped tremendous benefits by providing readers with many