Brunch & Learn: USPS 2014 – Uncertainties and Opportunities Mailers Need to Know

Sponsored by: US Monitor
Speakers: Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc. and Jody Berenblatt, Senior Advisor, GrayHair Advisors

Direct Mail has long been one of the most stable and effective marketing channels. But last year, mailers seemed to have a new rumor to worry about every month. Were we going to 5-day delivery? Would mail be delivered to fewer places, or take longer to get where it was going? Would there be an exigent Rate Increase? And now that there is an exigent increase on the table, will it stay?

All of that raises one question: What can you expect from the USPS and direct mail in 2014?

Join our panel of mailing and postal experts as they discuss the issues, changes and risks every mailer needs to plan for in 2014. Including:

– What are the uncertainties and opportunities facing direct mailers in 2014?
– What rate increases are we likely to see?
– Will there be changes to automation discount requirements?
– How is postal network re-organization effecting your mail?
– How can marketers best prepare to make sure their mail is delivered accurately and on-time?

Sponsored by US Monitor

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