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Social + Email Marketing: The Dynamic Duo

January 28, 2010
• Sponsored By: Lyris, Inc.
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Blaine Mathieu, Chief Marketing Officer, Lyris Inc.; Introduction by Peggy Hatch, Publisher, Target Marketing Group

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Spend an invaluable hour with email and social media marketing expert, Blaine Mathieu, who will discuss how to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue.  By combining this dynamic duo, you can gain a competitive advantage and drive conversions and real ROI.

In this informational Webinar, you will learn:
- Why email marketing is at the core of any strong social media strategy
- How social sharing can extend your email campaigns, generate more qualified leads and increase email ROI
- How to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue
- How to use email as a powerful feedback mechanism for social media marketing programs - and how to turn that feedback into improved email and social media marketing results
- How social media and email marketing combine to build relevance and engagement, an important technique to driving greater conversions
- And much more

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