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Smart Fixes for Slacker Web Pages - Action plans for improving online conversions

March 16, 2010
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: Bridgeline Software
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Jim Sterne, Founder, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara; Tim Carroll, Vice President, Website Management and User Marketing, GlobalSpec; Brett Zucker, Chief Technology Officer, Bridgeline Software

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing

• Click Here: Smart Fixes for Slacker Web Pages

Does your Web site have more holes than Swiss cheese? Instead of pumping more leads through under-performing sales processes, it's time to plug the holes that let your prospects slip away-and immediately improve return on marketing spend. Learn how to strengthen your online conversion rate by:

* identifying where your selling processes fail
* structuring a solid test strategy based on realistic goals
* analyzing results with confidence
* mapping out a plan for continual optimization

Sponsored by Bridgeline Software

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