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Right-sourcing - The Best Strategy in a Challenging Economy

September 17, 2009
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: NEPS
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Mark DeCollibus, Vice President, Client Reporting Services, TIAA-CREF; Jeff Peterson, Director, Print Supply Management, CUNA Mutual Group; Tana Lawson, Operations Manager, Document Services, Unum Group

• Moderator: Barb Pellow, Group Director, InfoTrends

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Technology continues to change the way individuals and businesses communicate. Today, high value business communications vehicles have expanded beyond traditional printed documents to include e-mail, XML files, voice recordings, digital images and full motion video. Outsourcing can dramatically improve efficiency and the quality of customer communications through automation and adoption of best practices. Outsourcing also has its challenges, including privacy concerns, cost savings not being realized, and a loss of control.

Outsourcing has often been considered an "either/or" option, where an organization keeps the entire function in-house or engages a provider who can deliver value through hosted solutions, on-site managed services, or off-site services. However, there is another route that combines the best of outsourcing with the best of in-house service capabilities. This is known as right-sourcing.

This webinar is designed to help companies develop an optimal "right-sourcing" strategy to:

  • More effectively manage critical customer communications
  • Manage highly regulated documents such as statements, contracts, policies and other personalized communications
  • Implement cost-effect solutions to manage the production of printed and electronic materials
  • Produce specialized applications in the Health Care, Financial Services, Insurance and Print Services industries that reduce liability by ensuring regulatory compliance

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