Brunch & Learn: Turn Turkeys Into Eagles! Over 50 Ways to Create a Direct Mail Winner or Fix a Loser – FAST!

Sponsored by: High Performance DM
Speakers: Bob Hacker “The smartest direct marketer I ever met.” -Denny Hatch

Is your direct mail performing at the level you want it to be? Or, is it time for a direct mail tune up? If you read that and thought “no…” and then “yes!” – mark your calendar for 12:30pm ET on February 6th.

In our new Brunch & Learn webinar, Bob Hacker – one of the brightest and most talented minds in direct marketing – is going to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in a free webinar that will help you take your direct mail pieces from good to great.

Here’s just a sample of some of the actionable takeaways Bob will be covering in this fast-paced webinar:

– What to test and how to test to find winners fast, at very low risk
– The 10 most important things to know about great direct marketing copy
– 12 things you need to know to create great offers
– How to pick the right format, and why
– The role of brand in direct mail – the answer might surprise you

If you are a direct mail or marketing manager, a copywriter, designer, or someone who wants to create successful direct mail campaigns, click below to view this free webinar today!

Sponsored by High Performance DM

Click here to view this free webinar, today!

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