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Maximizing Clicks and Conversions in a Low Consumer-Confidence Environment

June 3, 2008
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: The Kern Organization
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Jerome Shaver, Director of Analytics & Intelligence, ThomasNet; Donna Higgins, Director of Marketing, Audience Development, ThomasNet; Russell Kern, Founder and CEO, The Kern Organization

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, editor in chief, Target Marketing

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Join Target Marketing, The Kern Organization, and ThomasNet for one power-packed hour to hear three top marketing pros share proven tactics that will generate leads and customers — even in this challenging economy.

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Russell Kern, Founder and CEO, The Kern Organization, on “How to get the most traffic, site visits, and calls from your offline and online marketing efforts.”

• Best practices to drive customers online from offline direct mail
• The power of emotional copy appeal in today’s economy to drive immediate behavior
• How to use “Value” and “VIP” messaging to overcome buyer reluctance
• Lead generation techniques that get B-to-B buyers to go online instantly
• 5 proven B-to-C direct mail strategies that are still working in the mail today
• 10 e-mail best-practice guidelines that should never be broken
• 1 of the most powerful segment messaging strategies that engages prospects every time
• 3 advanced data insights and enhanced targeting models that stretch your marketing dollar

Jerome Shaver, Director of Analytics & Intelligence, and Donna Higgins, Director of Marketing, Audience Development at ThomasNet, on “How to maximize the conversion of visitors hitting your landing page.”
• Best practices for pulling better landing page conversion rates through positioning, recurring calls to action, and the up-sell
• Applying supplemental information to the landing page to influence the user experience
• Landing page reporting and analytic techniques with funnels, conversion charts, click-maps and others
• Using A/B and multivariate page testing to quickly optimize messaging, copy, format, and style
• Executing campaign tracking & channel segmentation to break down multi-channel efforts
• Analyzing repeat usage and content consumption initiatives that maximize user retention

The current state of the economy makes this event a “must attend.”

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