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Leverage Search, and Ye Shall Be Found

November 5, 2009
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: QuantumDigital
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Heather Lloyd-Martin, President and CEO, Successworks

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing

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With consumers now calling the shots on what marketing they'll invite into their daily lives, marketers must develop more sophisticated pull strategies that involve cross-channel support to drive overall success. A big lever in this modern approach is search marketing, both paid and organic. Google and Microsoft aren't engaged in a bloody battle for nothing.

Learn how to maximize response to your campaigns with a well-orchestrated search marketing campaign. Industry leaders will explain how to:
- boost exposure for online and offline efforts with paid search plans
- develop an organic search strategy that lifts all boats
- leverage insights from search efforts to hone direct mail, e-mail, etc.
-  incorporate testing tactics to enhance insights for continual improvement

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