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Google Book Search: How to Promote All of Your Books on Google - for Free

December 16, 2008
• Presented By: Book Business
• Sponsored By: Follett Digital Resources
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Roland Lange, Strategic Partner Development, Google, Inc.

• Moderator: Matt Steinmetz, Special Projects Editor, Book Business

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The Google Book Search Partner Program is a proven free marketing tool that is successfully used by more than 20,000 publisher partners worldwide for over one million of their books. The Program allows publishers to make every single word of their books full text searchable.

Book Search is not about online reading, it is about discovery. It connects millions of users that are using Google's search products every day with books that exactly match their queries. A few sample pages are shown as an excerpt, and users are offered links to several retailers - and the publisher - where they may buy the book.

Join us for this free webinar, and listen as our speakers discuss:
- A broad explanation of Google
- Insight into the thinking behind the Book Search Partner Program
- The benefits to your books - in fact, to all the books a publisher has ever published, backlist and frontlist.

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