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Get Relevant, Get Results: How to Improve Email Marketing Through Relevance

July 28, 2010
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: Lyris, Inc.
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: David Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group, LLC; Blaine Mathieu, Chief Marketing Officer, Lyris, Inc.

• Click Here: Get Relevant, Get Results: How to Improve Email Marketing Through Relevance

As consumers continue to perform more and more of their activities online, email has assumed an increasingly important role in their daily lives.  The sheer volume of personal email, opt-in marketing messages and unwanted email is on the rise. To manage this increase in online activity, consumers are moving through their inboxes more quickly, looking only for the information they need and want. Additionally, up to one-third of the U.S. population is triaging their inboxes with hand-held devices.

So how do email marketers break through the clutter to efficiently and effectively improve results? The key to success in this complex environment is using relevance-enhancing tactics.

In this valuable one-hour Webinar, email marketing experts David Daniels and Blaine Mathieu will share ten proven tactics that can help any marketer advance the relevance of their email marketing messages and improve results. You will learn how to:
  1. Benefit from the impact that short-burst communications are having on our society.
  2. Understand and use subscriber behavior and engagement as the primary tool for deciding future email campaign messaging and offers.
  3. Leverage the relationship that engagement and relevancy have on your sender reputation and message delivery.
  4. Use visitor Website behavior and analytics to improve message relevancy.
  5. Test to better control the impact of messaging on future success.
  6. Develop content and subject lines that are more effective.
  7. Apply social networking techniques to improve your company's relevance with email subscribers.
  8. Drive subscriber acquisition and optimize search.
  9. Implement best practices in creative design to be relevant on the small screens of mobile devices.
  10. Implement segmentation tactics that drive both top and bottom line results
This Webinar is designed for entry level and advanced marketers who want to improve email marketing results by creating greater engagement through relevance.

As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive information to access a free copy of the new paper by industry expert and luminary, David Daniels, "The Reinvention of Email Marketing and the Future of Connected Marketing." The former Jupiter and Forrester Research analyst, and current CEO and Founder of The Relevancy Group, details the emerging criteria by which innovative email marketing practitioners should best evaluate vendors in the space.

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