Fast15: QR Codes Explained

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Speakers: Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer, DirectMarketingIQ

Thank you for watching this edition of Fast15. Want even more info about QR codes? Click here to learn about “Cracking the QR Code.”

Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer, DirectMarketingIQ
Duration: 15 minutes
Sponsor: (Learn more about QR codes at!)

What’s a “Fast15”? It’s a high-speed online session from DirectMarketingIQ – with ideas that you can take to the bank! This installment is about QR Codes.

Highlights of the 15-minute session include:

  • A short history of the QR code.
  • Why QR codes are THE hot topic in integrated marketing campaigns today, including the explosion of smartphone usage.
  • Top uses for the QR code.
  • The industry sectors where QR codes are being used, and where they work best.
  • Best practices for implementation.
  • Competition from Microsoft Tags and NFC and more!

Click here to get more information about DirectMarketingIQ’s Cracking the QR Code report, referenced throughout the video! (Use code Fast15 during checkout for a 20% discount!) Learn how to navigate your way through this up and coming technology, which has been labeled the “direct link between print and the internet.”

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  • http://CliffKinard Cliff Kinard

    Great presentation! Love the 15 minute format.

    One suggestion or two…
    Add your sponsors URL to the landing page (make them happier)
    Make your video imbeddable (Youtube) then I could share it on my blog easily.

    But the presentation was just the right level and very well done!!!

  • http://Lauren Lauren

    thank you, just right!
    perfect format, great length, packed with specific info.