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Experience the Full Potential of Direct Mail ROI - Learn how to optimize direct mail campaigns for todays marketplace

March 12, 2009
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: QuantumDigital
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Jonathan Margulies, Director, Winterberry Group; Bart Foreman, President/Owner, Group 3 Marketing; Eric Cosway, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, QuantumDigital

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing

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Despite the buzz surrounding online media, direct mail continues to be the go-to medium for the majority of marketers and is expected to produce solid ROI for businesses even in today's challenging economy. But to get maximum performance in a media-saturated world, marketers cannot keep sending one-size-fits-all campaigns and expect to maintain the ROI of years past.

The signals, from both industry research and campaign testing, all point to using data to improve both prospecting and retention via targeted offers, copy and graphics. What's more, direct mail's efficiency is enhanced when paired with other media, like email and website landing pages.

Learn how to lift direct mail ROI through customer segmentation and targeting strategies, presented by a panel of direct mail experts: Eric Cosway, EVP and chief marketing officer of QuantumDigital; Jonathan Margulies, Director at the Winterberry Group; and Bart Foreman, President/Owner of Group 3 Marketing.

You'll come away with:
- Better insight on the trends currently shaping direct mail
- Real-world case studies of high-performance campaigns
- Segmentation strategies you can apply to target offers and creative

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