Brunch & Learn: Direct Mail Prep for 2014 — Are you ready for the USPS changes?!

Sponsored by: US Monitor
Speakers: Paul Ercolino, President, US Monitor; Judy Kalus, Program Manager, Pitney Bowes and Pritha Mehra, VP, Mail Entry & Payment Technology, USPS

College students are pouring back into the classrooms and your own summer holiday probably seems like months ago already. But while a few are excited to get back to work or class, most just don’t feel ready yet. When it comes to companies that use direct mail, 2014 inspires the same feelings: Some companies are anxious for the new year to begin while most are just plain anxious because they’re simply not ready.

In particular, whether you’re a small company or a big brand, you may not be ready for Postal Service changes in 2014 – such as adopting the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) full service technology by January in order to qualify for automation discounts – that can significantly affect your direct mail program. In-home delivery will also shift, so direct mail marketers need to stay aware of these changes and eventually capitalize.

Leading experts from the USPS itself, Pitney Bowes and U.S. Monitor will first explain these changes and then help you prepare for them. Here is just some of what you can expect to learn in a rapid-fire 45 minutes:

– How 2013’s IMb-Basic is different from 2014’s more complex IMb-Full Service
– The added benefits from IMb-Full Service, including deeper postal discounts, improved tracking and free address correction services
– An anatomy of a IM barcode
– How to register for IMb-Full Service through USPS’s business customer gateway
– Interfacing reporting software with USPS’s software to enable electronic documentation
– Supplementing IMb-Full Service with physical seeding data to capture actual in-home delivery – within an hour or two of actual delivery!
– See dynamic dashboards with customized reporting to get a full-information view of your mail delivery performance

Sponsored by US Monitor

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