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Developing a Digital Distribution Strategy

February 12, 2008
• Presented By: Book Business
• Sponsored By: Follett Digital Resources
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Andrew Brenneman, Manager, Digital Media Group, University of Chicago Press, Books Division

• Moderator: Matt Steinmetz, Special Projects Editor, Book Business

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Book publishers are facing a wide array of new opportunities to serve their markets with electronic offerings. Yet this marketplace represents a new business ecosystem, in which traditional rules of engagement often do not apply.

Everyone wants a piece of the action. Traditional distributors, the largest technology organizations, and innovative start-ups are approaching publishers to create relationships in order to serve the digital marketplace.

The development of a digital distribution strategy from a publisher's perspective is not always a simple matter in such a rapidly changing landscape. While opportunities exist, so does risk.

This seminar explores digital distribution strategy by examining:
* The digital content value-chain
* Who are the players and what are they doing?
* Steps to developing a digital distribution strategy
* Multiple strategies for a heterogeneous list
* Implementing a strategy
* Potential risks

This webinar provides you with a useful strategic framework for navigating the exciting and rapidly changing waters of digital distribution.

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