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Big Brand on a Local Level - Leveraging Web interface programs to meet local needs with a national brand

July 11, 2007
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: Modern Postcard
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Keith Goodman, vice president of corporate solutions, Modern Postcard; Kris Faupel, marketing director, FASTFRAME

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, editor in chief, Target Marketing

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Strong, recognizable brands take hard work. No one wants a hapless, though well-intentioned, franchisee or distributor sending out direct mail that dilutes the brand to better appeal to local audiences. Or worse yet, using brand-heavy direct mail which has zero appeal to the locals.

Customers want you to talk to them. Whoever they are. Can your brand find them on their level? Or are your one-size-fits-all corporate mailings getting lost?

A corporate Web-to-print technology solution could solve your problems. This approach includes everything — lists, custom templates, mailing services, customized commerce and even reporting, so you’ll know how your various programs are doing.

Ask yourself these questions:
* Do we have enough brand identity to support specific regions?
* How much control do we have over what’s being mailed to customers?
* What margins are we giving up, and what services are we getting in return?
* Are our vendors, brokers and distributors selling our product — or an alternative in order to get leads?

To keep your brand in tact while leveraging local interests, customization is needed. This webinar will show you how a corporate direct mail interface can help you:
* Market your brand at a local level while maintaining control over content and taking advantage of regional opportunities
* Ensure co-op funds are used appropriately
* Target prospective customers most likely to buy your product

SESSION GUARANTEE: This webinar will show you whether a corporate Web-to-print solution is right for you, and provide a a clear focus on how to ensure your brand shines through while appealing to everyone.

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