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The QR Code’s Impact on Direct Mail and Print: Delivering Improved Campaign Measurement, ROI and Conversion Rates

June 23, 2011
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: QuantumDigital
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Chris Wayman, VP and General manager, Mobile Marketing, Merkle; Mike Ricci, VP of Mobile, Webtrends

• Moderator: Thorin McGee, Executive Editor, Target Marketing

• Click Here: The QR Code’s Impact on Direct Mail and Prin

QR (Quick Response) Codes and other 2D barcode technologies are fundamentally changing direct mail and print media-turning them into truly interactive channels. Direct mail recipients can launch highly personalized, dynamic content-and even complete purchases-simply by using a barcode reader app on their smartphones. Marketers, in turn, now have the ability to track direct mail and print campaign responses, collect richer data sets, and boost ROI like never before.

The potential impact of QR Codes on direct marketing is so great that the USPS is offering a special discount during July and August for letters or flats that incorporate the use of 2D barcodes which can be read by consumer smartphones. With so much upside, you can't afford to ignore this breakthrough in multi-channel marketing.

Join us to explore how barcodes and direct mail are being used by top marketers today. In this session, you will learn:
-What are the benefits and limitations of 2D barcodes
-How QR codes, Microsoft Tags, and other technologies compare
-Which target markets are most receptive to this technology
-Best practices and strategies for blending QR Codes with direct mail

Now is the time to decide if this technology is right for your (or your clients') campaigns.

Sponsored by QuantumDigital

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