Integrated Customer Conversations: Building a Multi-Channel Blueprint with Email, Social & Direct (2012 All About eMail Virtual Conference session)

Sponsored by: Marketo
Speakers: Stephanie Miller, Vice President of Member Initiatives, Direct Marketing Association

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 All About eMail Virtual Conference.

‘Segmentation’ is just another term for good data management. Email marketers who spawn broadcast or trigger campaigns from a central digital database are more likely to get it right because they can respond quickly to the ‘complete customer,’ rather than just the ’email customer.’ No customer or subscriber ONLY interacts with a brand via email. So, how could messaging that is limited to email data be relevant or engaging?

Advanced marketing automation technology makes it possible to create tailored customer experiences across channels. Yet with multiple transactional events online and offline, the marketer has to identify key life stage opportunities or risk being overwhelmed and ineffective. Learn how you can build best in class integrated marketing efforts and leveraged data from various sources to build cohesive customer blueprints and dialogues.

– Identify key life stage opportunities derived from online and offline data;
– Leverage multichannel data to build a cohesive customer communication strategy;
– Hear case studies from those who have built integrated marketing campaigns investment.

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