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7 Social Media Secrets That Make Good Direct Marketing Campaigns Great

December 1, 2011
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: Act-On
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Julie Perry, VP & Social Media Director, BLASTmedia

• Moderator: Thorin McGee, Executive Editor, Target Marketing

• Click Here: 7 Social Media Secrets That Make Good Direct Marketing Campaigns Great

The Devil's in the details, and when you're launching a new direct marketing offer, those details are in the social Web. Prospects are going to look you up before moving forward and listen to what's being said both among their friends and by complete strangers. What they find can be the difference in whole percentage points on your response rate.

However, social media is also the secret sauce that drives many great marketing campaigns' success. If you take the initiative, viral sharing and search engine optimization (SEO) will do half the marketing for you.

Join us on December 1 when social marketing expert Julie Perry reveals how some marketers are using inbound social tactics to put their outbound campaigns over the top.

You'll learn how to:
- Turn your direct mail and email into an online experience that customers and prospects will love
- Employ SEO tricks that make sure your message comes up first in search
- Repurpose press releases and news into search beacons and content marketing
- Advertise on social networks in ways that pay off
- Create online videos that drive traffic back to your site (it's easier than you think!)
- And many more essential integrated marketing tactics for 2012!

Don't let the social Web undermine your offers. Join us to take charge and proactively optimize your campaigns for success.

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