And now for something completely different. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa looks at a new TV ad from British crisps maker Tyrrells that might just inspire you to a silly walk down your local snack aisle.

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  • seussman71

    Huge fan of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam’s absurd style of animation, so I’m right there with you. I like that you point out that it’s not absurd for absurdity sake alone, because that’s one of those fine lines for brands, although I see it more with the “cool” factor than anything else. Trying too hard to be cool when your brand just doesn’t lend itself to that…spot on as always, Melissa! Cheers!

    • Melissa Ward

      Isn’t the spot just so much fun? I keep discovering new things when I rewatch it, much like Monty Python. And yes, forced anything — whether it be coolness or weirdness or sexiness — never works. It’s just … bad. And there’s already PLENTY of crap marketing out there.

      As always, thanks for watching!!!

  • laura

    I love it. How do you find this stuff?

    • Melissa Ward

      Too much time on the Internet 😉

      I also subscribe to a large number of marketing e-newsletters and peruse them daily … and often folks send me the good, the bad, and the ugly they find regularly. But yeah … mainly too much time on the Internet. Thanks for watching!

  • Bart Foreman

    You are a great way to end the week. Love this snacking issue. Now, where do I find the brand in Minneapolis. Good Saturday project – and who knows what else I’ll find.