Mother's Day should be about celebrating our moms with flowers and breakfast in bed, not being gross. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa is horrified by what Skittles thinks is appropriate as a Mother's Day ad.

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  • I may never eat Skittles again. That’s one of the biggest marketing fails I’ve seen. Trying to sell a food product by being disgusting is just plain dumb.

    • Melissa Ward

      You know what? I was so bothered by the failed Mother’s Day tie-in that I didn’t even think about that (don’t be gross when selling food). So, double fail.

    • Douglas Kelly

      You are too polite when you say it’s a “marketing fail”. It’s worse than that. It’s a marketing hit to the stomach, a jab with a sharp stick. It insults anyone having any sense or sensibilities. You are right — trying to sell a food product (or any product) by being disgusting is just plain dumb

  • Margaret Dentlinger

    OMG! I could not watch more than a few seconds! It’s as back as the commercial where the Skittles are zits. WWTT??????

    • Melissa Ward

      I know about that one, but have avoided it because I can only handle so much ick. You can be weird and not make people lose their lunch. Thanks for watching!!!

  • rchro7

    Dear Skittles,
    Stop it.
    Everyone ever

  • Leo Femedlers

    Whoa! I didn’t see that. The ad was truly ineffable.
    Couldn’t stand Skittles before the ad and now have good reason as to why!

    • Melissa Ward

      I know, right? You’re a better person for avoiding them anyway before this Tour de Gross.

  • Mary Gray DelBuono

    I can never eat Skittles again. That ad was so degrading and disgusting on so many levels. Epic fail. In this case, bad publicity is bad publicity.

  • mensa2


  • Jaymac713

    I’m more turned off by this outrage. I can’t believe I made it more than 50% through the video and inflated your analytics.

  • AllDogsRock


  • Catherine Tobsing

    Horrible, I am off Skittles. And I really like them. There are so many other good candies out there.

  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    It is gross, EPIC GROSS, no doubt about it. BUT who is the intended audience? My guess it’s young dudes. Maybe even young stoner dudes, bro. The “Mom” here is Sandy Martin, who plays Mac’s mom on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a show not known for being tasteful. Ever. I like Sunny for the comedic risks it takes, but that’s not the point except maybe the groundwork in pop culture is already there for this kind of humor? Also, where does this ad run? Adult Swim? At 3 AM? (BTW, I don’t eat sugary candies, so I can’t boycott Skittles even if I wanted to!)

    • Melissa Ward

      Excellent points, as always Tony! I wasn’t able to find where it was running … but I’m also not sure what young, stoner dude wants to visualize still being connected to his mom via an umbilical cord and “eating” Skittles with her … way to harsh a buzz bro 🙂

      As always, thank you watching and commenting!!!

    • Douglas Kelly

      Any marketer and advertiser knows that more people see an than just the target market — in this case those who are not worth being a target market. Stoners as a target market. Really? Seriously? No. There is no place in the world for this kind of humor. America is already roundly hated by most of the world. So this will clinch it for sure.

      • Brooklyn Ann

        Oh stoners are totally a target market and Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, and sometimes Doritos make ads specifically for them. Much better ones that leave you with an appetite, unlike this one.

  • Peter Rosenwald

    ‘Mom’ ‘s the word Melissa. You missed your calling. Isn’t it sad the Apprentice never recovered from Trump? You would have been a star in a second.

    • Douglas Kelly

      Well, that makes no sense. What does the Apprentice have do with this? Only in your mind.

  • Yup, they outdid themselves and exceeded the ick factor from their “zit” ad. Bleah!

  • Douglas Kelly

    That is not only the sickest thing I’ve ever seen broadcasted, but it is pathologically degrading for people who eat Skittles and those who sell them. I will never buy or eat Skittles again, ever. Who ever approved this ad is not working in the company’s best interest and should be fired.

  • Jesse

    Why did you make me watch that, @Mward82:disqus ?! hahaha… My skin is crawling… ew! Oh Skittles… why. Why. Why?!?!

    • Melissa Ward

      I warned you!!! But you’re right … so awful!

  • Craig Murray

    lol, talk about not knowing the market and the audience. Skittles is marketing to old people (and that is all of us over 20) the same way as Porsche markets to poor people.
    Their audience are kids, teens, you know, the sort who like their ads where touching things turns them into skittles, or where two teens, one “infected” with skittles kisses another and then they are both “infected”
    kids will laugh, kids get it. Somewhere along the line you stopped getting it and now, you are so beyond getting it that you sit and scream OMG GROSS lol

  • OneAmericanAmongMany

    The ad makes you wonder what market Skittles is trying to appeal to. Is Skittles a candy for the gross, uncouth and just plain disgusting human being? Great branding, that.

  • Danielle Brooks

    wow, what a CREEPY ad! Maybe the teen boy group is the market they are trying to capture there?

  • WhatTheHDude

    Who the H green-lighted that? Even teens have a limit when it comes to bodily functions. Being stupid and gross for the sake of being stupid and gross should be left to Adam Sandler movies, not when you’re actually trying to sell something. I’ve got one thing to say to Skittles: What the H, Dude?!

  • Susan Sheley

    That was awful. They must have let their intern flex his wings. They could not have PAID someone for this grossness.