It's easy to save $5 million — don't spend it on a Super Bowl ad. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa discusses Skittles' "exclusive" ad, which will only be shown to one person during the Super Bowl (but not as a traditional Super Bowl ad). Do you have a favorite teaser ad? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Brenda

    It doesn’t matter if it’s cheesy – if it works, who cares? They’re calling attention to their name, they’re not being offensive (?), and that’s usually the goal of marketing.

  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    Looks like people are talking about Skittles! That’s a win for their ad team. And social media, too? Bonus points! Gently flipping bird to the excesses of “The Big Game”? They sure know their audience. Saving money? Accounting can’t be happier.

  • Forget Skittles…the Tats just added toy our coolness factor. Kudos to Target Marketing for letting you show them off.

  • Crazy Corpsman

    I think the strategy will work out better than a superbowl ad. When I worked for Gateway, we stopped running ads on Networks and spent the money buying ads on cable channels. The result was greater reach and increased sales.

  • Gary Pageau

    This is a tactic used for years; remember the “Puppy Bowl?”

  • I agree with Tony, the buzz on this seems to be working. Over 400K views on the four teasers up on YouTube already… I wonder how many hits the Facebook live video of one person watching a commercial will get. also: the sandwich isn’t the weirdest teaser – the laser eyes win!