Don't you hate it when you intend a campaign to be cute and quirky, but then it just gets ... weird? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa watches a new ad spot for Santander Bank and is left wondering about the creative choices that were made.

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  • My goodness, that was heartbreaking! Did not expect that. I completely agree that it was quite a roller coaster!

    • Andi2332

      But what fun! I’m not a marketing person, I guess I’m the person the ad is targeting.

  • Terry Miller

    I thought it was alright until it gives you the impression that the banker was going to keep the pig (and the money) for his own UNTIL he saw the lost poster. I would have had him frantically looking for the owner, asking people that shook their head no etc.

  • Jennifer

    I was thinking, okay, cute pig and then it smashed and all I could think was “well, why did they go and do that?” That’s not cool.

  • RestaurantGal

    I’m with you – the bullies could have dropped the pig without it smashing. The bank employee could have shaken the pig to demonstrate it had money in it. And the pig could have had a “if you find me” sticker on its belly.

    • Andi2332

      But where’s the fun & excitement in that? lol I loved it.

  • Beckie Midthun Boateng-Sampong

    I loved the commercial – all of it!! The part of him smashing to the ground made me squeal with horror. For me, that part completely drew me in!

  • rchro7

    Banking is a personal thing but it’s hard to make people feel warm and fuzzy about it. I thought the commercial was sweet, and thanks to the smashing/rescue, it was emotionally touching. If the point of the ad was to tug your heartstrings, it totally succeeded.

  • emilwalcek

    Great pig & banker characters, but storyline gets derailed. It’s almost as if a leaderless ad development team green-lighted everyone’s 2 cents. Too many sub plots raising too many questions and issues to keep a sharp branding message. Or, maybe that was the creative shop’s self-serving goal all along.. a future feature!

  • Wendy Perry

    The measure of a great advertisement is “memorability”. This one is definitely memorable. Also, I sort of enjoyed watching the story line unfold. It was a logical story line with a happy ending. The longer an ad is going to be, the more need for an “attention grabber” and I believe the dropping and breaking of the piggy bank was that, so the audience would watch to the end, for the branding point. Both memorable and attention getting, I like this advertisement. Definitely a warm and sweet way to view banking, in a totally different light.

  • Melissa Ward

    See, I knew it was a good idea to get your feedback! I’m still creeped out by the smashing of the piggy bank (and its general mishandling by those kids), but it seems like Santander chose correctly, because the ad resonated with a lot of you! Thanks for commenting, and as always, thanks for watching!

    • Scott

      Sorry, it was all my fault the pig got lost. Shhhh. Don’t tell my daughter

  • Haley Nichols I thought it was a really engaging commercial and I loved it! I just don’t thing the tag line of “we treat your money with respect” really resounded to the whole aspect of “I lost my pig”
    …So when I lose my money they’re going to go fight off middle schoolers and then come find me to return it?
    The commercial in itself I thought was great, the emotional aspects really draw you in and connect you to the characters, the sad girl, the trying father, the sympathetic banker, but – unless this bank is actually going out to find that $20 bill I dropped on the sidewalk once, the message of “We treat your money with respect” is lost in what could, and should have been, a slam dunk of a commercial. Even something as simple as “Your money is always safe with us” “We’ll always take care of your assets”, anything would have been better than “We treat your money with respect”.

  • Ted Pendlebury

    Weirdly memorable, but my mind goes toward taking it further. Having a slew of those pigs made up to be given to the children of customers, maybe some plush versions. Oh, the many ways I’d like to take that further.

  • Scott

    Super cute, especially the dad! 😉

  • movingtarget

    Undoubtedly the best commercial I’ve seen in years. Even though it is on every 15 minutes it chokes me up. But in the end everyone is happy. The pig gets his girl, the girl gets her pig and the honest banker gets a client.

  • Andi2332

    Melissa Ward – are you KIDDING? I was hooked the moment I saw the piggy. I remember the name of the bank, too, which I’d never heard of. LOVED it and I want that piggy.