The future is here, right at the end of your thumb. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa explores how Lyft may have overdone its April Fools' Day prank for 2017. And as Andrew Hawkins of The Verge asks, "... what’s the ROI for April Fools’ Day pranks?" Food for thought, marketers.

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  • Christopher L Smith

    What’s the ROI? Well if enough people comment on it, what’s the worth of all the extra commentary generated for free?

    • Melissa Ward

      Great point! But then my follow-up question is this: What’s the ROI of “extra commentary”? Do we think people talking about the Mono will influence decision making when it comes to choosing a ride share? I honestly don’t know! (But I do know that I appreciate you watching and commenting! Have a great weekend!)

  • Greg Salerno

    I’m with you, Melissa — not sure there’s any measurable moentization here (and there’s certainly cost). Lyft seems to be counting magic beans, as if “buzz” actually adds share value.

    • Melissa Ward

      Another thing came to mind … who wants ANOTHER thing they have to bring with them when going out? Wallet, phone, keys, mints, lipstick, weird Mono glove thingie … nah. I’ll pass.