In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa digs in the advertising toy chest and pulls out some truly imaginative print campaigns from everyone's favorite brick maker, LEGO.

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  • Patricia

    That’s really good. We were just commenting the other day that many lego kits don’t allow for imagination. Kids get caught up making the next big movie item. While it’s great that they can follow directions, it still doesn’t spark that creativity gene. So this new print campaign harkens back to the days when you were just happy to get a box of legos and create something.
    It also sparked our thoughts too, as we teach martial arts ( and it’s hard to get away from the typical punch and kick photo or cartoonized character doing a kick. We’ll be working on it and let you know!

    • Melissa Ward

      I was the kid who ignored the instructions and just built all the weird stuff that came to mind … a habit I had to break once I started buying furniture at IKEA. Thanks for watching!!!

  • Melissa Ward

    I love IKEA Hackers! Also, I’m the person who scoffs at the IKEA manual doodle about how you need 2 people to build stuff. Probably a little foolish, but scoff I shall!