Was Sam Waterson not available? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa questions the decision of Lawyer.com to hire Lindsay Lohan not only as their spokesperson, but to also make her a marketing and brand advisor for the lawyer-matching service.

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  • Admail

    Priceless! Maybe she can also signup as a spokes person for Facebook too. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/facebook-coo-sheryl-sandberg-apos-203600036.html

  • rchro7

    Yikes… Their choice does not generate any feelings of confidence in Lawyer.com. This unfortunate girl is a one-woman-train wreck who clearly has zero experience creating a positive media image for anyone. Why would they want her involved? Baffling…

  • Ted Pendlebury

    Those of us who don’t think much of this choice are likely not their target audience. They want access to her 20 million+ followers. A good demo for them.

  • kkerski

    I’ve wondered numerous times why they hired the celebrity for “brand” advise. What are their qualifications? Marketing themselves and their “movies” doesn’t make them a brand expert.