Wearing clean clothing? You might be in a Tide ad. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa declares laundry detergent maker Tide the MVP of the Super Bowl Ad Game thanks to its domination of all four quarters of the Big Game. Also, hiring David Harbour, aka Sheriff Hopper, wasn't a bad decision either.

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  • rchro7

    I knew Tide was going to win your attention. Killer advertising that focuses on the product and catches your attention. Well done. And those kids are idiots.

  • Pat Friesen

    Spot on.

  • Traci Carter Strickert

    LOVED the Tide Ad Campaign–it was a true campaign, not a one-hit, hope for the best Super Bowl Ad. Very well executed–all the way down to when the commentators announced/thanked the sponsors “…and Tide, Tide, Tide and Tide.” This campaign was voted my favorite as soon as I saw it!

  • Stephanie Stiles

    Well done by Tide, and I would happily have weighed in, but… I have to ask, Melissa, about your West Wing shirt! Where did it come from and can I get one??

    • Melissa Ward

      Hey Stephanie, I ordered the shirt from Redbubble.com … can’t remember what I used as search keywords, but if you use West Wing, you should find some pretty easily! Love West Wing (What’s next?) 🙂

  • Tom Smith

    Roll Tide!

    • WhatTheHDude

      I see what you did there!