What the Frork was McDonald's thinking? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa discusses the burger joint's latest marketing campaign to drum up interest in the new Signature Crafted line. Does she skewer them or take it

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  • Bill Williams

    how bout you stop displaying all her previous videos and just display the article I click on; you have made it difficult to read what this customer wants to read; thought you wrote articles about how to display creative material; hmmmm maybe that was Mother Jones

    • Thorin McGee

      It’s linked in the words “Skewer Them” in her video description, Bill.

  • As a product, yes it is ridiculous. But like you said, as a marketing strategy and aiming to get free media exposure? It’s not. It’s the kind of marketing material you set off that will be a hit-or-miss thing. It may backfire (as it can be viewed as stupid or ridiculous), but if your aim is to be talked about? That this might just work.

    • Melissa Ward

      I also appreciate McDonald’s being self-aware about the absurdity, and owning it.

      Thanks for watching and commenting!!!