Women just love all things pink, right? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa looks at the latest product offering from Cards Against Humanity, simply called Cards Against Humanity for Her. While she might not be a fan

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  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    Yeah, I dunno. Gee. First of all, it’s Friday. I am done. Stick a fork in me. What I do see is that saving the Emily’s List bullet point for last keeps the edge up on the sarcastic humor? The laughs come to a screeching halt at that bullet. Sooo, I think a good solution is to TEASE the reader as to where the extra 5 bucks goes to, then save Emily’s List for last? Here’s an example:

    “Why are we charging 5 bucks more?”
    • Because. Just because.
    • Pink ink is expensive. Pink pixels even more so.
    • Or shall we donate it to a worthy cause, eh?

    • Melissa Ward

      Ooooh! Love that idea. It seems like a nice middle ground between what they did and my thoughts on mentioning it a little sooner. I think if your copy had been on their landing page, it would have enticed the click for “buy now” a little sooner.

      As always, thanks for your thoughts!!!!

  • I like how it is. I don’t think burying the lede is a concern here because Cards Against Humanity has always thrived on word-of-mouth (/word-of-Reddit) marketing. And because people don’t visit CAH to feel good (by donating to a worthy cause); they visit to get their smirk on.

    Their target audience is already convinced, fait accomplit — Emily’s List simply reinforces their action (to buy and/or recommend the product) without interrupting the flow of the humor and the thoughts that they engage you to have (rather than telling you directly).