When you think of "romance," does a fast food burger come to mind? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa looks at some off-the-mark Valentine's Day promotions from Burger King France — a special Valentine's Day cup with room for two straws — and Burger King Israel — an "adults-only" meal.

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  • Thorin McGee

    And don’t forget the time Burger King New Zealand set up a hook up hideaway hotel for people to go to “Cheat on Beef.” http://www.adweek.com/creativity/burger-king-has-people-cheat-beef-chicken-burgers-actual-motel-156601/

    Is Burger King somehow seen as “sexier” in foreign countries? Maybe it’s that creepy King mask?

  • Admail

    Pun Intended – can we say done in “poor taste” BK that is! Love your comments Melissa!

    • Melissa Ward

      Dare I say the campaigns are … cheesy? Maybe more cheesy than their actual Whoppers?

      Thanks for watching!!!

  • Steven Leibson

    I think perhaps your comments reflect more on your feelings about Burger King than the actual marketing programs. I can see that the dual-straw promotion is a way to differentiate BK’s drinks in a world where every fast-food vendor’s soft drinks look the same. For a fast-food customer of a certain age, going with your regular date to a burger joint, the 2-straw cup could sway a decision. Yes, I could see that. Similarly, the Adult Meal is a mental differentiator. Although I might not be silly enough to buy one of these, the existence of the adult meal changes BK’s mindshare. Certainly I think others will feel your creepiness, but be honest, when’s the last time you ate at a BK anyway? You might not be in the target audience for this promo.

    • Melissa Ward

      Great points Steven … I’d say a little of Column A and a little of Column B. Differentiating yourself is a good thing, but it has to be done well. I don’t think either of these campaigns hit it home … sad attempt at “adult” toys or not. I’m less creeped out and more actively eye-rolling at the cheeseball factor.

      As always, thanks for watching and commenting!!!