Who's ready for a vacation? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa finds a way to beat the dog days of summer with a new campaign from Explore Asheville and Matador Network, featuring a four-legged star, Sammy the rescue dog.

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  • Peter Rosenwald

    As you’ll see, Heather, Jordan barks out with comments since he has a low opinion of my understanding of dogs (or commercials).


  • Gerry

    Google “Asheville Dog Laws” 1. Sammy would be in the Asheville pound in minutes. 2. Owner would have several fines during shoot. 3) Asheville laws are very tough. So, how is it so “dog friendly” compared with elsewhere? Little water dishes outside restaurants? Free poop bags? Lots of off-leash areas? Cute dogs running around without leashes breaking laws?