A chicken sandwich in space ... say what? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa wonders if the KFC marketing stunt ride is coming to an end, or if the space-bound Zinger sandwich is just the tip

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  • peterhochstein

    Thanks for that, Melissa. The spot somehow had managed to pass under my radar until you called my attention to it. It’s interesting to learn that KFC has created a whole new category of space junk. Or is it space junk food?

  • first-time viewer, first-time commenter. great commentary. i’ll be watching regularly. KFC’s stunt is great visibility creator, and a lot of fun, but as you say, will it drive action? The question isn’t “did this drive visibility?” but rather “would the marketing dollars have been better spent on something else that was more on message?”

    • Melissa Ward

      Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiingo! My head spins trying to imagine how much money this is costing, and what else they could be doing with it!

  • Loreyna Molina

    I watch your show every Friday, great tips and laughs. I agree with you about using the money for a more actionable campaign. Especially, if it is something that has already been done. This reminds me of the Red Bull Stratos campaign.

    • Melissa Ward

      I agree! And you’re right, it is a bit too close to Red Bull’s campaign. Also, thanks so much for watching and I’m glad you enjoy the weekly episodes!