Who knew the magazines in your bathroom could serve other purposes beyond reading material? In the first 2018 episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa takes a look at a new Ikea magazine ad running in Sweden featuring a pregnancy test — that's right, Ikea wants you to pee on this ad. See what Melissa thinks about this ad, and then take a moment to read AdWeek's coverage on it, including thoughts from the agency, Åkestam Holst, about the campaign.

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  • Bart Foreman

    Just for fun I asked my wife if I should pee and see what happens. Not the response I was looking for. Seriously, a brain catching campaign but to your point, maybe a little insensitive to families having trouble with the art and science of making babies. The ad wasn’t clear enough and I didn’t see the reference to the loyalty program but they could have done a better job being more inclusive as you suggested.

  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    What’s the CTA? Welp, at least it’s interactive –– and sticky! I’ll be here through the weekend. Tip your server. And try the Chicken Marsala! (Thank you for this perfect Friday story!)

  • seussman71

    My wife was just talking about this. We thought it was a rumor or a hoax, but nope, sure enough, the quirky folks at IKEA have done it again and made something for us to talk about. Like Bart, I, too, wish they had maybe made it a LITTLE more obvious that it was about the loyalty program, but overall, I think it’s a brilliant marketing campaign…

  • Etoain Shrdlu

    I don’t see what’s so breakthrough about this. People have been peeing on my ads for years. Of course, most of them were clients, creative directors and rival ad agencies, but even so I changed colors.