It's Friday, and that means it's time for another episode of TM Top 3. In this episode, Target Marketing's Taylor Knight asks viewers how United Airlines should have responded after the now infamous footage of a man being dragged off one of the company's flights came to light; shares three video marketing tips to turn leads into prospects; and highlights an article with some of the top contributors to problematic deliverability and gives quick tips on how to improve them.

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  • Lynn Teatro

    A little foresight and passenger empathy should have prompted United Airlines to make an offer no volunteer could refuse–another flight with an upgrade, hotel room, dinner…whatever it takes to get someone to put their hand up. Everybody’s happy.

    Damage control would have been outrage about the behaviour of the airline staff, a sincere promise for appropriate reprimand and an investigation to determine the staff culture to determine why someone thought that violence was an appropriate response. Plus huge amends to the customer including all of the above, medical costs…whatever it takes to make the customer and the witnesses happy. There would still be resentments and hostility but they would have been contained.

    Instead, United Airlines demonstrated a lack of customer understanding and (yay, video!) there was documentation of the incident. I cannot imagine anything that is going to help them regain consumer trust. The only ones who are happy are United Airlines competitors.