Last week, Hurricane Irma emerged as one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in history. Florida started sounding evacuations as early as last Tuesday, five days before the storm was due to hit. By and large, human marketers responded with compassion. But many automated e-commerce sites wound up price-gouging desperate Floridians. Whether it was the airlines or Amazon, online marketplaces proved unprepared to handle the disaster with humanity, or even respect for the law.

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  • Good content, but you talk so fast it often sounds like mumbling and detracts from your authority.

    • Thorin McGee

      I’ll have to work on that. I’m a fast talker by nature. 😉

  • Brian Wagner

    Well expressed! Take away lesson for marketers, as you so eloquently said, is that humans need to still be in charge and monitor what they’ve programmed into their automation algorithms. Can’t build “it” and leave “it” unattended.

    • Thorin McGee

      Thank you.

      I’m sure there’ll come a day when these mechanisms can account for this kind of event, but we need to recognize the need before anyone thinks to do that programming.