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The Dangerous Selfie Epidemic

The baby bison picture that went viral during the weekend and into Tuesday breaks every animal lover’s heart — possibly even the hearts

Who's Afraid of Snapchat?

Much like Virginia Woolf, there seems to be more than enough people spooked by the app that boasts an average of 9,000 photos shared

Old Navy Haters Gonna Hate

On Wednesday, Old Navy was trending on Twitter and Facebook, as well as overtaking a previously unrelated hashtag: #lovewins. And the

How to Handle Haters

You do your best to satisfy your customers, deliver on your promises, provide great service … And then someone starts to complain

LinkedIn for Stealth Job Seekers

Updating your LinkedIn profile as a stealth job seeker without looking like you’re searching for a job is tricky. Here’s how to do it.

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What social network boasts an average of 9,000 photos shared a second? Instagram? No. Snapchat. And now the cat's out of the bag: Melissa Ward, Target Marketing's Queen of Sass is not only an "older" millennial, but she's not on Snapchat ... until now!

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