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How to Handle Haters

You do your best to satisfy your customers, deliver on your promises, provide great service … And then someone starts to complain

LinkedIn for Stealth Job Seekers

Updating your LinkedIn profile as a stealth job seeker without looking like you’re searching for a job is tricky. Here’s how to do it.

Get Outta My Tweets

Is it annoying for a brand account to search/respond to indirect tweets? Or is it just good customer service, even a PR necessity?

Make ‘Cute’ Work in Marketing

I tried not to give in, but the cuteness overwhelmed me. Yesterday was #NationalPuppyDay, and it was the No. 1 trend in my Twitter feed

Social Media and Google

For years, many online marketers have assumed that social media signals play a vital role in building page rankings. Are they right?

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I tend to think of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as channels where you don’t have to pay for access to audience if you’re interesting and make them like you. Where you mostly earn your access. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve been wrong in that.

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