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How KPIs Get ‘On Fleek’

When I sat down to write about the evolution of key ad metrics, I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how the definition

Content Marketing Lacks Insight

Not analytics. Not focus groups. Not even brainstorming. Meetings. That’s where 88 percent of content marketers — that’s right, content

Beware the Small Sample

Everyone knows that the outcome of flipping a fair coin will be 50 percent heads/50 percent tails. But that’s only when the number of

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This year's redesigned DMA experience — &THEN 2015 — really heated things up. We got the chance to interview someone from each of the Hot Zone startups, and we're bringing you the best of whats next. In this installation, Target Marketing Editor-in-Chief Thorin McGee interviews Sticky CEO Hans Lee at the DMA's &THEN 2015 event. Sticky is an eye-tracking technology that allows marketers to gain strategic intelligence about what is and isn't being viewed online — whether that's a video, Web page or ad campaign.

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