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Forget Kevin Bacon

Forget Kevin Bacon, customer-centric organizations need to create zero degrees of separation between themselves and their customers.

Long Live the Loyalty Program

There are so many loyalty programs in the marketplace vying for the consumers’ attention, and many of them are not designed well.

Stop Kanye'ing Your Audience

Since the early 2000s, we have known people don’t like pop-ups, yet they’re still being used. “I know you’re trying to leave my site

Leveraging Customer Data

What’s a modern marketing person to do? The answer is leverage customer data to make the interaction something that’s relevant.

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"What's good to know is that we can get really niche-y in our targeting," said Doug Mitchell, the CEO and co-founder of AdAgility. Find out how AdAgility's unique placement tech gets it done in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

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