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The Difference a Word Makes

In a world where subject lines dominate … can one word truly make a difference? One copywriter sets out to learn just that …

Death by Subject Line

Why aren’t your subject lines for sales emails working? Because they’re probably too long, too specific and they’re telegraphing what

Uber Gets an A+

Peggy Hatch’s favorite app is truly Uber! It’s her private car service that is fast and easy to use. But what is also winning …

Nigerian Email Brilliance [Video]

Nigerian email scams clearly aren’t best practices for marketers trying to avoid being labeled as spammers, but what if there’s a hidde

Be Relevant or Leak

Relevancy can’t wait for email marketing programs to be perfect. Marketers should add relevancy now, says Microsoft’s Shawna Dahlin.

Email Marketing's Dirty Laundry

How are marketers “Overcoming Current Challenges in Email Marketing”? Tink Taylor may know and this video reveals his insight.

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