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Information about advertising campaigns using direct mail, including formats, creative, copy and design. Issues surrounding postal matters relevant to direct marketers such as rate changes, rate classifications, mail sortation, postal discounts and U.S. Postal Service reform.

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Direct Mail: Why A/B Test?

This is a very common question our clients ask. They need to know if they should be A/B testing. The easy answer is “yes.”

2016 Media Spending Trends

The Media Usage Survey has always been designed to get into the nooks and crannies of marketing spending. One thing in the answers was

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The direct mail package is a sales team with each component having a different purpose and a different voice. In another Lessons from the Greats, Malcom Decker’s explanation of the purpose for each element and the voice it brings to the sales team

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What Is a Control?

Paul Bobnak, research director of Who's Mailing What! (the most complete library of direct mail and…