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No One Is One-Dimensional

If anyone says to your face “You’re one-dimensional,” you would be rightfully offended by such statement. It would almost sound like

It's OK to Hate Data

Some see marketing in strategy and creative, others see it in the numbers and data. If you’re the former, it’s OK to hate data.

10 A/B Test Preparation Tips

Minutes of testing could save marketers’ hides for months, if not longer. Testing is touted but sounds difficult to many, so marketers

The Cost of Perfection

Data has become the most strategic asset in modern businesses. It is now a “raw material” that any business requires to create and keep

Leveraging Customer Data

What’s a modern marketing person to do? The answer is leverage customer data to make the interaction something that’s relevant.

Road to Personalization

The marketing community loves buzzwords. One may say that some words just go viral. In the past, CRM was one. Server-migration (from

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"Think about every interaction you take," said Lucy Markowitz, a Senior Account Executive at Vistar Media. "Whether it's texts, calls, updating your email — everything creates data." Find out more about how Vistar Media creates a breadcrumb trail of data for each individual prospect across every platform, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

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