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3 Ways AI Will Impact Marketing

AI is poised to open new doors and unlock incredible potential for all walks of life. Here now are three ways AI will impact marketing.

Segments vs. Personas

Personalization may mean different things to marketers, but we may break it down to, one, reacting to what you specifically know about

Getting Persona-l

Over the past decade, we’ve seen marketing become less about gut and instinct and more about data and observation. Less art, more

Personas 101

Here’s a cheat sheet of what generally makes up a persona and some ways they can be used.

Collecting Rare Personas

It’s encouraging that more marketers are considering the use of personas for the purpose of personalization.

The Many Faces of Your Customers

Marketers need personas because they help brands find where their best customers are and target them with relevant content, as well as

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"Think about every interaction you take," said Lucy Markowitz, a Senior Account Executive at Vistar Media. "Whether it's texts, calls, updating your email — everything creates data." Find out more about how Vistar Media creates a breadcrumb trail of data for each individual prospect across every platform, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

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