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Data Atrophy

Not all data are created equal. There are one-dimensional demographic and firmographic data, then there are more colorful behavioral

When Data Collection Goes Wrong

Misusing consumer identity isn’t just a PR nightmare, it’s a business imperative — and nobody understands that better than marketers.

Lucky 7 VC Deals

Marketers may feel safe in assuming that even Silicon Valley rests during the holidays, but they’d be wrong. From Dec. 20 to Jan. 3,

Barriers to Personalization

Recently, I stumbled onto survey results from marketers regarding “data-related headaches,” published by a reputable source.

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"Think about every interaction you take," said Lucy Markowitz, a Senior Account Executive at Vistar Media. "Whether it's texts, calls, updating your email — everything creates data." Find out more about how Vistar Media creates a breadcrumb trail of data for each individual prospect across every platform, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

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