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Where Is the Data Movement Going?

Not too long ago, I was helping a start-up company in hiring a data analyst. During that process, I interviewed a candidate who boldly

Coffee, the Rich Consumer Finder

Marketers who want to contact wealthy, older consumers can just reach for their coffee mugs. Whether the caffeinated are “Nitro” draugh

Good Intentions, Bad Ads

What a coincidence that consumers say marketers are “missing the mark” when serving them intent-based targeted ads.

Better Beats Bigger Data

“Better Data” vs. “Bigger Data” ― hopefully, this doesn’t even sound like much of a debate. Yet in many cases, the distinction isn’t so

5 Big Data Pitfalls

Marketers are working in an environment where the amount of data they have at their disposal is greater than ever. We are in the midst

Don't Let Tech Get the Best of You

In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to avoid technology — unless of course you’re living on a deserted island, and if that’s th

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