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Watch the Attitude, Data Geeks

One-dimensional techies will be replaced by machines in the near future. So what if they’re the smartest ones in the room? If decision-

How Trump Won

Yesterday during his press conference, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to bring jobs to the states whose voters helped him win.

Blockchain Is Eating Commerce

Blockchain is a technology that has the potential to become a disruptive force in the ever-more digital economy. Its potential value —

Why Buzzwords Suck

Let’s talk about why buzzwords are bad for the data and analytics business. I don’t entirely deny that there are some benefits of

Game-Changing Data for 2017

Over the past 20 years, analysts have taken advantage of the power of transactional data. The values can be analyzed and reported in

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In this episode of Tech Talk, Robbie Adler, co-founder and president of Faraday, explains how his company helps marketers who sell complex, "dinner-table decision" products leverage their own data to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and many more marketing activities.

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