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Ground Your Brand

The slippery impression of authenticity has a huge impact on how customers think of you. That’s why it’s time to ground your brand.

Rather Test or Guess?

“Make me a deal on a split run.” Of all the negotiating ploys we as marketers might consider, this simple sentence has more success

Post-Trade Show Emails

In the digital world we live in today, there’s just no substitute for the face-to-face interactions trade shows provide. In fact, for

Endless Fun With Direct Mail

Create a fun and entertaining mail piece by taking a normal folded piece and creating a whole new look with endless folds.

The Correct Way to Correct

Why is the Design Guy bringing up proofreading marks? Because it’s a way to quickly and accurately mark up layouts with changes, and

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We figured it was time for a look at some "vintage" advertising. In this throwback episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa takes a look at the ill-fated advertising of the Renault 14, and its unfortunate nickname.

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