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To Get Content Shared, Do This

On Thursday morning, I tuned into a webinar to find out the secret formula to making content go viral. That’s what all marketers want,

Got Customer Commentary?

The crusade to optimize customer experience is one that all organizations are waging — and for good reason. The success equation for

Marketing Across 3 Generations

The past few years in digital marketing have been heavily focused on content marketing. Whether it is a static image, short-form or

Jay Baer Liked My Marketing Video

Yesterday we posted a video I shot about the genius of Jay Baer’s “The Mom Test.” I appreciate what I call “intuitive marketing.”

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Content to some content marketers is like cats to a cat lady. More is not better, unless you're looking to fill a litter box. And who wants their content equated with the contents of a litter box?

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