Sprint’s Two-in-One Billing Envelopes Save the Telecommunications Giant $500,000 a Year

Sprint’s two-in-one billing envelopes (discussed in our February cover story) include the remit envelope as part of the envelope design, not as a separate insert. While Sprint mailed customers notifications about the ecoEnvelopes a month before the change and the new envelopes contain plenty of directions, the company also maintains a website with step-by-step details at sprint.com/ecoEnvelope. Check out the slide show below to see how they work.

The unopened bill arrives for wireless customer Elizabeth Russel at 1234 Something Lane. She can see the environmental statement in green: “Help conserve paper and the environment.” Russel is instructed to re-use the envelope to mail in her payment.

The customer can either follow the directions on the envelope and “open here,” as demonstrated, or flip to the back of the envelope and read all four steps before opening. There, Sprint also offers “manage my account” options, including a QR Code, short code and URL of sprint.com/mybilloptions.

It appears Russel did opt to tear off the bottom of the ecoEnvelope to create her remit envelope. She can now insert her invoice and payment, seal the envelope, attach a stamp and mail it.

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  • mjd

    What is even more economical – as it requires just the paper and energy to create one "standard" envelope, is what I think Verizon (Verizonwirelss) does. I pay my bills on-line … after I receive the mailed statement/invoice. After several months of paying electronically, my next bill had a message to the effect of: We noticed your paid your last three bills electronically. Therefore, to reduce waste (save the environment, etc.) we have not included a return envelope.

    That, to me, was ingenious, clever, and being good stewards of a customer’s habits and honoring them even though not specifically asked.

  • creative

    while i can appreciate their efforts to reduce cost and conserve resources, the design could use much improvement. it rarely tears correctly and there have been several instances where i needed to use tape to seal it properly. i think a redesign would be welcomed by customers. create a new design that is economical that is also convenient.