Highest Email Word Counts

We track more than 220 categories in Who’s Mailing What!, so it’s always illuminating to see which ones are sending email messages with the most words — especially in the current environment in which email word counts have consistently shrunk from year to year.

Not surprisingly, Fundraising-Social Action is in top place at 647 words, as donor prospects are traditionally more willing to read longer emails in order to find out more about a cause before opening the checkbook. In second place, at 619 words, are Seminars/Conferences, where marketers also need to do a lot of selling to prospects before they’re willing to agree to pay a usually high cost to attend.

The next five categories — Magazines-Religious, Fundraising-Politics, Magazines-Special Interest, Newsletters-General and Magazines-Business/Financial — make up the remainder of serious word count emailers, as all of these (along with the top two) are above 350 words per email. The rest of the 212 categories are at 300 words or well below. So what is different about these top seven categories? They all cater to customers and prospects that expect (even demand) more verbiage to remain interested.

Ethan Boldt is the chief content officer of Direct Marketing IQ, the home of direct marketing research and Who’s Mailing What!, the most complete library of direct mail and email. To learn more, go to www.whosmailingwhat.com/video.

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