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Cover Story : Inbound Marketing

Leads August 2014

The sheer spectrum of possibilities for inbound marketing and lead generation can be daunting, but you can easily take advantage of the method if...

What's the Best Way to Leverage Online Reviews for Inbound Marketing?

ROI1010_Feature3 photo2 August 1, 2014

Online reviews have become such a powerful force on the Web, businesses ignoring them do so at their own peril. Indeed, according to a 2011...

Is Foursquare Worth Looking Into?

foursquare logo August 1, 2014

Originally just a cool way to meet people, Foursquare has quickly evolved into a powerful marketing tool. "One of the key goals for Foursquare in...

How Can You Best Use YouTube for Inbound Marketing?

YouTube logo August 1, 2014

Ask Michael Miller, who wrote "YouTube for Business." Miller recommends jumping right in, posting multiple marketing videos on YouTube to get higher on the radar...

Can Marketers Find New Customers Using Facebook Hashtags?

Hashtag bubble August 1, 2014

Facebook began offering this capability last summer, and a number of marketers have been using the capability to make new contacts and drum up new...

Does Optimizing Promotional Videos for Google Search Pay Off?

PE0614_video August 1, 2014

Sadly, the Web is littered with untold numbers of videos buried deep in search engine results, simply because their creators forgot to take a few...

No Way Is Facebook the Only Game in Town

facebook logo July 30, 2014

Some brands are so upset about the decline in the number of fans who see their organic posts on Facebook that they're writing Dear Mark...

Google Authorship Image Not Showing? Here's What to Do Next.

Jeff Molander July 25, 2014

Are your Google Authorship images not showing in search results? Are you seeing a drop in site visitor traffic or leads? Google recently pulled the...

4 Reasons Marketers Will ‘Want’ Facebook’s ‘Buy’ Button

Facebook Buy Button July 24, 2014

As many marketers complain their organic engagement with Facebook fans is down 40 percent while their total posts are increasing by 20 percent, other brands...

How Weird Al Got Viral

Weird Al Tacky July 21, 2014

He's not ill. He's just "Tacky." The artist known as Weird Al went viral with his song parodies, starting on July 14 with "Tacky," sung...