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Millenial Horror Story: Snapchat Introduces 'Non-Creepy' Ads

Snapchat Ads October 23, 2014

Is it intentionally ironic that the first in Snapchat's series of "non-creepy" advertisements is for a horror movie? Is that what the kids love these...

#PumpkinSpiceMarketing: Holiday Trends

Holiday Trends October 20, 2014

"OH-EM-GEE. Have you, like, heard about the newest trends in social marketing this season? I can't even." While this might be a bit of a...

Why You Aren't Getting Appointments on LinkedIn

Jeff Molander October 17, 2014

Ninety-five percent of sales reps using LinkedIn are getting few—if any—appointments. They're using premium services, Sales Navigator, sending InMail, joining groups, spiffing up their...

What Ebola Marketing and Booger Eating Ignore

Nina Pham No. 2 U.S. Ebola victim October 14, 2014

I ride Philly's commuter rail to work each morning. During a recent commute, I sat behind a tall, dark and handsome man in his 30s...

5 Ways Advertisers Could Benefit From Native Ads

Native Advertising Image October 3, 2014

There is no shortage of research showing the rapid rise of native advertising. According to eMarketer, native ad media spending is growing 29 percent this...

How to Avoid Being Banned by LinkedIn When Connecting

Jeff Molander October 3, 2014

"Your LinkedIn account temporarily restricted." It's a common message for sellers these days. It's easy to be restricted or even banned by LinkedIn—simply for requesting...

B-to-B Insights : Return to Sender

Thumbs Down on Social Media October 2014

In my humble opinion, "mindless gab" is the perfect descriptor for social media, an activity of which I am largely not a fan, though a...

Facebook Says Atlas Won’t Shrug

Atlas by Facebook logo October 1, 2014

Facebook is promising the world—or that its Atlas solution can lift the marketing world on its shoulders. Using the term "people-based" instead of "customer-centric," Atlas...

’Ello, Facebook! Sincerely, Your New Ad-Free Competitor

Ello logo hi-res September 29, 2014

New, ad-free Facebook competitor Ello is seemingly being greeted with skepticism by marketing insiders, mainly because Google+ couldn't usurp Facebook, niche sites didn't displace it...

How the Other Half Lives: What Your Users Want on Social Media

Marin Social Media September 23, 2014

Predicting what goes on in consumers' minds before they hit the all-important "Buy" button is worth $1 million dollars. With all the sophisticated technology we...