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Insights on search engine marketing, including paid and organic search, as well as best practices involving social media marketing and affiliate marketing.


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The 12 (Marketing) Tips of Christmas

Kenshoo present of tips for holiday marketing November 7, 2014

Sure, sure. Giving is better than receiving, and all that. Marketers selling during this holiday season are sending out packages. But what do marketers get...

‘Ebola? We’ve Got That. Come on Down!’ Or How to Do Newsjacking Right.

SEO November 5, 2014

Be genuine while communicating on social media, many marketing pundits say. Okay. Done. But what now? Marketers can newsjack, as all the cool kids named...

Giving Organic Search Credit

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D. October 28, 2014

For many marketers, the end of the year marks the end of their budget cycle. It is certainly not revealed scripture that marketing budgets are...

How to Geo-Target Your Content Globally

Global Search Landscape October 28, 2014

Gone are the days of creating content only for a domestic audience. Users around the globe are thirsting for information from a variety of...

The 5 Simple Steps to Profit With Google AdWords

5 Steps to AdWords Profit October 27, 2014

Google AdWords search advertising is one of the best marketing opportunities for businesses. Where else can you display your product or service to prospects that...

A Few of My Thoughts on SEO

Wendy Montes de Oca October 21, 2014

This is going to be a short post. First, a caveat: No one SEO tactic is the end-all be-all, in and of itself. It is...

26% Higher: Paid Search Growth Fueled by Mobile, Product Ads

ppc October 17, 2014

Marketers are spending 26 percent more on paid search this year, if they're anything like search and digital marketing agency RKG's clients. The Charlottesville, Va.-based...

Google May Be Stealing Your Content

Google answer box October 6, 2014

Google wants happy users, and happy users don't have to click through to sites to find answers to their questions. That may be why "answer...

6 Keys to Search Success in 2014

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D. September 30, 2014

What if someone gave you scientific data on what hundreds of sites are doing to get thousands of top keyword rankings on Google? Would you,...

5 Ways Your Online Event Calendar Can Influence SEO

Oasis Advent Calendar September 24, 2014

Many factors affect search engine optimization (SEO) and your organization's website. A key site element you might be overlooking is your online event calendar filled...