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Insights on search engine marketing, including paid and organic search, as well as best practices involving social media marketing and affiliate marketing.


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11 Steps for Google’s New Shopping Campaigns

Google's Custom Labels September 22, 2014

Google Shopping Campaigns may make Google Product Listing Ads easier for marketers and consumers to use, says ChannelAdvisor. The shopping campaigns are a "new way...

Google Removes a Search Step, Improves UX

Google Sitelinks Search Box September 8, 2014

Marketers may not search this way, but plenty of consumers look for a domain, then use site search to drill down results. Google noticed this...

It’s a Sad Day for Google Authorship Fans

New Google Logo September 4, 2014

For now, the only author "markup" is the byline. Google got rid of "Authorship," which used to show searchers if a recognized writer penned a...

Should You Make Your Site Secure for Improved SEO Results?

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D. September 2, 2014

Just this past month Google confirmed that in the future, its search algorithm would be giving a rankings boost to secure sites. This confirms rumors...

Penguin 3.0 Is Coming and It’s Time to Clean House

Wendy Montes de Oca August 28, 2014

Anyone who's involved in Internet marketing can tell you that Penguin is more than a cute little seabird that lives in Antarctica. The Penguin 2.0...

Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds, Oh My!

Google Panda Penguin Concept August 6, 2014

Recently I was asked: "What methods, besides paid traffic, would increase new leads and visibility in the B-to-B market?" This great question opens up the...

Is Your Content Fresh, Frequent and Unique?

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D. August 5, 2014

Today, your content plays a much larger role in getting top search results than ever before; therefore, it may be time to adjust your SEO...

Local Search for Non-Local Marketing

Google Maps logo August 4, 2014

The growing importance of local search brings with it opportunities for non-local businesses and some challenges as well. This is because Google has been trying...

Does Optimizing Promotional Videos for Google Search Pay Off?

PE0614_video August 1, 2014

Sadly, the Web is littered with untold numbers of videos buried deep in search engine results, simply because their creators forgot to take a few...

PPC Shockers and Secrets

Wendy Montes de Oca July 29, 2014

Pay per click (PPC), particularly Google AdWords, is a marketing channel that can produce profitable results for your business, whether your goal is lead generation...