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Oracle Extends Mobile Capabilities of the Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle logo May 20, 2015

To help marketers and advertisers improve revenue, conversions and engagement from mobile marketing, Oracle has introduced new mobile capabilities to the Oracle Marketing Cloud that...

4 Simple Mobile Email Tips

Mobile email May 12, 2015

Marketers are spending $51 billion on mobile advertising this year and will up that to $105 billion by 2019, according to Juniper Research. Given those...

Perked Up: Turn Heads With Emojis

Barista Hustle Email May 11, 2015

*bzzz* It's my phone going off — another notification. Personally, I have my notifications set up in a way where only the most important things...

Every Day Is the Super Bowl on Smartphones

Forrester grapch regarding smartphone activity during the 2015 Super Bowl May 5, 2015

While Cinco de Mayo isn't the Super Bowl, it is an event that may slightly change consumer behavior. Or will it? Much like Mexican-Americans...

8 Tips for Marketing on Shrinking Screens

Mobile email May 4, 2015

The share of email opens occurring on a mobile device keeps growing, climbing to 48 percent, according to a 2015 report from Litmus. Given the...

What Tech Enables Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing May 2015

When we think of mobile marketing, what comes to mind is apps and SMS text messaging. But the biggest opportunity in mobile lies in smartphone’s...

Watch, Out: Apple Watch Release Impacts Email

Apple Watch Email April 30, 2015

After months of rumors and announcements and waiting, it's finally here. The Apple Watch is starting to roll out to those who pre-ordered one, and..., Reddit, NBCSports Hit Hard By #Mobilegeddon Mobile-Friendly Test April 30, 2015

Google's April 21 algorithm update that places mobile-friendly sites higher in search results has already created some surprising winners and losers. Reddit is No. 1...

Apple Watch — Brands Are Diving In

Apple Watch app from American Airlines April 24, 2015

BMW, Target, Fandango, The New York Times and Expedia are among the 40 brands advertising on the Apple Watch, which launches today. Many consumers who...

Got Mobile? It’s the Only Way 10% of Smartphone Users Access the Internet

eMarketer mobile dependent chart April 14, 2015

For 10 percent of smartphone-owning Americans, PC-optimized websites and landline-based marketing calls aren't options. eMarketer reports the group has no other access to high-speed Internet...