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M-Commerce: Google to Become Wireless Carrier

Sundar Pichai March 3, 2015

Let the speculation begin: How can Google's move to become a wireless carrier benefit marketers? In addition to the data about mobile users and their...

3 Telemarketing Tips

Call center agent February 25, 2015

Every year, billions of dollars are poured into the development of apps, online portals, content development and other digital endeavors. But at the end of...

4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers

Mobile Marketing February 23, 2015

Today's mobile marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. CNN Money made "marketing consultant" No. 2 on its list of best jobs in America a...

Apple Pay: A Marketer's Treasure Trove?

Apple Pay February 16, 2015

While mobile payment systems (mobile money, mobile wallets) have been around for over a decade, the unveiling of Apple Pay late last year has some...

6 SMS Tips to Make It a Powerful Marketing Tool

Dairy Queen SMS February 9, 2015

SMS remains a powerful real-time engagement channel. Too simple in today's advanced mobile marketing arena? No way. Text messages are read and acted upon, fast....

Gmail Aids $118.01 Billion in Mobile Payments by 2018?

eMarketer mobile payment chart February 2, 2015

With eMarketer predicting mobile payments will reach $8.95 billion in 2015, one of the two major players in the space expanded its email payment options....

Mobile First : Creating Vivid Content Experiences

Canon Solutions America card February 2015

It's no longer acceptable to just transmit static, one-way messages. And that applies to all marketing communications, not just mobile. It's up to us, as...

Mobile Ready 2015

Mobile Responsive Marketing February 2015

Mobile-optimized content will reign supreme in 2015. This requires brands to ensure that their content strategy takes into consideration varying screen sizes. With a smaller...

Mobile Cookies: ‘Yes,’ Says Verizon – With No Opt-out

verizon logo January 27, 2015

Marketers are worried that the lack of cookies—or pixel-firing Web tracking mechanisms about customer activities on sites—will make targeting and retargeting particularly difficult on mobile...

3 Ways App Deeplinks Will Redefine Your Results

Mobile Apps January 23, 2015

Deeplinks matter. October 2014 data from comScore shows that 88 percent of mobile consumer time is spent inside mobile apps vs. 12 percent of time spent...