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Mobile Marketing to TV Watchers, Event-Goers, Diners and Grocery Buyers

Microtatrgeted TV October 22, 2014

We've been sharing details of a survey we completed earlier this year asking consumers about their "moments of need" (moments when their interest is piqued,...

New From Apple: An iAd ‘Buy’ Button?

Apple's iAd October 21, 2014

Gadget geeks were atwitter Monday, excited that Apple Pay may be integrated with iAd—meaning marketers can add a "Buy" button to mobile ads. The buttons...

Mobile Advertising Isn't Just for Big Brands Anymore

Greg Hoy October 20, 2014

The increasing use of mobile devices, mobile Web, multiple advertising platforms and the advancement of network technologies creates new opportunities in the advertising market. But...

Not Mobile-Friendly? Google’s Outing You.

Mobile unfriendly icon in Google October 15, 2014

Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) are now not only revealing which sites are mobile-friendly, but which ones aren't, according to the Search Engine Roundtable....

Touch & GO: Connected Mobile Conversations

Social conversation October 14, 2014

The era of mobile marketing arguably began when Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. The widespread smartphone adoption that followed liberated us to search...

Are We Still Underspending in Mobile?

Mobile Woman October 8, 2014

Everyone is looking for a better way to connect with consumers in a world of rapidly multiplying distractions, and you'd expect it would be easy...

Mobile’s Impact on the Consumer Path to Purchase

Greg Hoy October 3, 2014

One in three ad dollars will go to digital advertising next year, meaning digital media spending will be almost equal to television spending. Digital strategies...

Meeting Mobile Consumer Needs – Where They Are, With What They Want

Mobile Harvard Magazine October 2, 2014

The last "Meeting Mobile Consumer Needs" article talked about whether consumers liked marketing and advertising, and whether it increased their desire or interest for products...

Brave New Worlds: Mobile Advertising Report

Mobile Ads Infographic October 1, 2014

Confused about conversion points? Nonresponsive to responsive web design? Blindly trying to decide on a blind network for your mobile advertising needs? Well have we...

Mobile First : The Future Looks 3D

Google Cardboard October 2014

The next game-changer in mobile technology has arrived. Marketers looking for the newest interactive experiences are finding it in 3D environments and 360-degree experiences. With...