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Watch, Your Inbox: Wearables Got Mail

Apple Watch Email March 12, 2015

"You've got ... " Got what? Mail. Email, actually. But maybe only a few words at a time. The recent uptick in popularity of wearable...

Mobile Marketing for Women, by Women?

Mobile Woman March 5, 2015

A generation ago, Old Milwaukee virtually ensured no women would buy its beer. The Pabst Brewing label's ads from the '90s featured the "Swedish Bikini...

Man and His Mobile: New Consumer Segments of Today's Male Shopper

Smartphone March 4, 2015

No one could have predicted the popularity of mobile devices and just how much they influence the daily lives of consumers. A recent study by...

4 Mobile ROI Tips

Fetch graphic March 4, 2015

It's not the quantity of mobile ad viewers, but the quality that counts, confirms a study from San Francisco-based mobile advertising agency Fetch. The study,...

M-Commerce: Google to Become Wireless Carrier

Sundar Pichai March 3, 2015

Let the speculation begin: How can Google's move to become a wireless carrier benefit marketers? In addition to the data about mobile users and their...

Nuts & Bolts - Case Study : More Leads Move in, Fill Up Extra Space

Tablet email social media March 2015

Unlike the mother of a school friend who invoiced a 5-year-old British boy in January for not showing up to her child’s birthday party in...

3 Telemarketing Tips

Call center agent February 25, 2015

Every year, billions of dollars are poured into the development of apps, online portals, content development and other digital endeavors. But at the end of...

4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers

Mobile Marketing February 23, 2015

Today's mobile marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. CNN Money made "marketing consultant" No. 2 on its list of best jobs in America a...

Apple Pay: A Marketer's Treasure Trove?

Apple Pay February 16, 2015

While mobile payment systems (mobile money, mobile wallets) have been around for over a decade, the unveiling of Apple Pay late last year has some...

6 SMS Tips to Make It a Powerful Marketing Tool

Dairy Queen SMS February 9, 2015

SMS remains a powerful real-time engagement channel. Too simple in today's advanced mobile marketing arena? No way. Text messages are read and acted upon, fast....