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What Tech Enables Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing May 2015

When we think of mobile marketing, what comes to mind is apps and SMS text messaging. But the biggest opportunity in mobile lies in smartphone’s...

Got Mobile? It’s the Only Way 10% of Smartphone Users Access the Internet

eMarketer mobile dependent chart April 14, 2015

For 10 percent of smartphone-owning Americans, PC-optimized websites and landline-based marketing calls aren't options. eMarketer reports the group has no other access to high-speed Internet...

3 Fast Fixes for Common Mobile PPC Problems

ppc April 6, 2015

SEM success on desktop computers doesn't guarantee success on mobile devices. That much is clear. Rather than share tips or best practices for launching campaigns...

April 21 Is D-Day for Mobile SEO

Mobile-Friendly Google April 6, 2015

On April 21, Google is tweaking its search algorithm again—this time with huge consequences for sites that aren't optimized for mobile devices. "This change will...

A Publisher’s Guide to Mobile Optimization

EmailExpert infographic: 10 Must-Know Email Marketing Stats 2014 March 25, 2015

The publishing industry has been transformed by the transition from print to digital forms of media. As the industry continues to evolve, the important takeaway...

Watch, Your Inbox: Wearables Got Mail

Apple Watch Email March 12, 2015

"You've got ... " Got what? Mail. Email, actually. But maybe only a few words at a time. The recent uptick in popularity of wearable...

Mobile Marketing for Women, by Women?

Mobile Woman March 5, 2015

A generation ago, Old Milwaukee virtually ensured no women would buy its beer. The Pabst Brewing label's ads from the '90s featured the "Swedish Bikini...

Man and His Mobile: New Consumer Segments of Today's Male Shopper

Smartphone March 4, 2015

No one could have predicted the popularity of mobile devices and just how much they influence the daily lives of consumers. A recent study by...

4 Mobile ROI Tips

Fetch graphic March 4, 2015

It's not the quantity of mobile ad viewers, but the quality that counts, confirms a study from San Francisco-based mobile advertising agency Fetch. The study,...

M-Commerce: Google to Become Wireless Carrier

Sundar Pichai March 3, 2015

Let the speculation begin: How can Google's move to become a wireless carrier benefit marketers? In addition to the data about mobile users and their...