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Mobile First : How to Build a Portal to Better Customer Relationships With Mobile Apps

Mobile first apps August 2014

You’ve seen the statistics: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the gateway to everything media. This new mobile reality has permeated our lives and our culture....

Can Augmented Reality Add Value to Print?

Nexos Latinos AR August 2014

Neither print nor digital alone are enough to truly lift your ROI for most applications. You often need both, working together strategically, to create the...

What 1 in 4 Mobile Sites Is Doing Wrong

Mobile Web July 10, 2014

Mobile is crucial and it's here to stay. Marketers today understand how important mobile sites are for reaching customers—in fact, according to the PewResearch Internet...

4 How-tos for Responsive Email

Email Image July 3, 2014

With more and more consumers using smartphones and tablets to engage with brands, mobile has quickly become an essential part of the customer experience. But...

5 Keys to Using Video for Killer Email Marketing Campaigns

Videographer June 30, 2014

If there were a simple way to boost open rates and improve click-through and engagement with your email campaigns, you'd probably do it. Right? Well,...

Can Card Scanning Solve Mobile Checkout Abandonment?

Mobile Shopping Bag June 23, 2014

Sixty-eight percent of smartphone and tablet owners have attempted to make a purchase through their device, and 66 percent report they’ve encountered obstacles that prevented...

Tumblr Native Ads to Start Appearing Across Yahoo

Yahoo Tumblr June 19, 2014

In a move that capitalizes on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's largest acquisition, Tumblr native ads will begin to appear across Yahoo properties, the company announced...

It Takes Two to Tango: Mobile Engagement Needs User Experience and Context

Mobile Woman June 12, 2014

The growing affordability of smartphones and increasing ubiquity of high-speed wireless broadband are driving customers toward a mobile mindshift: the expectation that any desired information...

In Mobile, Learn the Audience Before Placing Ads

Optimize Mobile June 10, 2014

Before advertising with publishers, ask them about their audiences' behavior. Ask about context and content, rather than pure numbers, say the speakers from "Timing: The...

Take Cross-screen E-commerce to the Next Level

Mobile Woman June 4, 2014

Mobile shopping is projected to reach a whopping $707 billion by 2018, and marketers need to start investing in cross-screen customer experiences and data strategies...