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Multichannel : Full-Circle Marketing

Full circle December 2014

Almost magical advances in technology have enabled a world of convenience and entertainment. For marketers, this has increased customer touchpoints and buying complexity exponentially. Prospects...

If Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly—Fix It Now!

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D. November 25, 2014

If you rely on search to assist new users in finding your site, you must now make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Here...

3 Mobile Push Tips for Holiday 2014

Pumpkin Pie Time Holidays November 24, 2014

With nearly $1 trillion at stake this holiday season and the possibility that 58 percent of shoppers will trek to stores they've never visited, except...

AdWhere? Google Announces Contributors

Google Contributors November 24, 2014

Are you one of those pesky Millennials who just can't stand advertising on the internet—sometimes so much so that you use an ad-blocking software to...

Top 100 Physical Consumer Destinations, Related Affinities

Top 100 destinations as tracked by Placed November 21, 2014

This "Top 100" list may tell marketers more than they ever wanted to know about American buying habits. About 500,000 app users opted in to...

Tracking Mobile Ad Effectiveness With Real-Time Data

Greg Hoy November 19, 2014

The volume of mobile data and the speed at which it is created continues to increase as the global population increases, as mobile device penetration...

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That: Most Frustrating Websites

Frustrated November 10, 2014

"Can I help you find what you're looking for?" Ah yes, the classic go-to pickup line of brick-and-mortar retail employees. But we're well into the...

Mobile Turning the Corner

Greg Hoy November 5, 2014

In the past few years, mobile marketing and advertising have been largely an afterthought for many brands. But this year, the hype is finally coming...

Holiday Digital vs. Bricks-and-Mortar: Creating Seamless Mobile Messaging

Pumpkin Pie Time Holidays November 5, 2014

Numbers don't lie. Given that 60 percent of digital media is now viewed on mobile devices and mobile marketing spend is expected to reach $400...

Mobile Marketing to TV Watchers, Event-Goers, Diners and Grocery Buyers

Microtatrgeted TV October 22, 2014

We've been sharing details of a survey we completed earlier this year asking consumers about their "moments of need" (moments when their interest is piqued,...