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Denny's Zinger: Boys and Their Toys. The Story of a New CEO.

Private Jet October 31, 2014

I love it when women succeed in business. What triggered this column was Abigail Johnson being named CEO of Fidelity Investments. Granddaughter of the founder,...

Silos Are Corny and Ruin Customer Experience – DMA2014 Speaker Says Get Rid of Them

DMA logo October 30, 2014

If marketers want to ruin the customer experience, all they have to do is maintain silos and continue interdepartmental infighting regarding budgets and access to...

They're in the Mail: Government Mail Surveillance Outed

USPS Inspector General October 30, 2014

Do you ever feel like you're being watched? Well, even if you don't, you probably definitely are. We live in a post-Snowden world; this is...

What Is Engagement? DMA14's VIP Roundtable

Jane Berzan October 30, 2014

Understanding how to ignite customer engagement starts here in San Diego at DMA2014 with keynote presentations, advice from thought leaders, and insight from VIPs. "The...

Denny's Zinger: With Customer Care, Use the Government Example

Customer Care October 29, 2014

In mid-September, we flew into Philadelphia from France and followed the crowd to passport control and baggage claim. We have been through this drill...

DMA14 - The Evolution of Engagement: New Media and the Changing Face of Interactive Marketing

Gary S. Laben October 29, 2014

Consumers are demanding more immediacy from brands as advances in technology and social media increasingly shape how they want to interact with just about everyone...

How to Geo-Target Your Content Globally

Global Search Landscape October 28, 2014

Gone are the days of creating content only for a domestic audience. Users around the globe are thirsting for information from a variety of...

Putting the ‘Magic’ in Marketing at DMA2014

Magic Johnson DMA2014 October 28, 2014

Earvin "Magic" Johnson's magnetic personality is something he begins cultivating when he wakes up at 4 a.m. each day. Speaking to direct marketers Monday at...

San Diego Dreamin' - Charging Through 'The DMA'

Chet Dalzell October 27, 2014

The last time the Direct Marketing Association held its annual conference in San Diego, it was 2009, we were all amid The Great Recession, and...

Age of Hype-tron: Gartner Predicts Emerging Tech Trends

Ultron October 27, 2014

"There are no strings on me," intones self-aware robotic supervillain Ultron in the new trailer for Marvel's next summer superhero blockbuster, Avengers: Age of...