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5 Tips to Keep Good UX Freelancers

Experience Meter December 2014

Once you find the right freelancers for the project, make sure you make them feel like a key part of the team, and keep them...

E-commerce Link : Seeking Experience

Cristin Siegel Headshot December 2014

Having hired many user experience (UX) freelancers, and now taking on the role of a freelancer myself, I know how difficult it can be to...

Multichannel : Full-Circle Marketing

Full circle December 2014

Almost magical advances in technology have enabled a world of convenience and entertainment. For marketers, this has increased customer touchpoints and buying complexity exponentially. Prospects...

Can You Prove the Value of Marketing to the C-suite?

Debbie_Headshot December 2014

One of the biggest advantages of direct marketing has always been that it's highly accountable. You spend the money to create a campaign (whether via...

Can You Move Beyond the Marketing Campaign?

Boyle_Brayfield_Lois December 1, 2014

Since the earliest days of direct marketing—and brand marketing, for that matter—efforts have been measured in the pseudo-military terminology of "the campaign." You have an...

Can You Make Technology Part of the Marketing Team?

Debbie_Headshot December 2014

While making an emotional connection with customers is becoming more important, most of the experts we interviewed for this article saw technology as part of...

Cover Story : The Big Qs of 2015

TM1114_Cover_1 December 2014

Every year has its own challenges, trends and "Big Qs." But as we head into 2015, the kinds of topics we're hearing discussed by our...

How Do You Spell ROI?

Chuck McLeester November 20, 2014

Return on Investment: Everybody's talking about ROI, but not everyone agrees on what it is. Given the various ways that I've heard marketers bandy about...

Mail... Kimp? Podcast Ad Wins Hearts and Minds

Mail Kimp November 20, 2014

If you've heard any episode of the criminally addicting podcast, Serial , then you've probably also heard the adorable pre-roll advertisement from email marketing solution...

A Vision for the Future of DMA: A Q&A With DMA’s Lindsay Hutter

Lindsay Hutter, DMA SVP of communications November 19, 2014

For direct marketers, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the legacy trade association in a sea of upstarts. DMA's been reinventing itself, positioning itself as...