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Deep Dish Trouble: Dish Network Completely Fails Telemarketing 101

Telefundraising can phone January 26, 2015

How many National Do Not Call List violations does it take to get yourself a class-action lawsuit? The magic number would appear to be 57,606,609—or...

3 Tips for Mastering ‘In-the-Moment’ Offers

Kitewheel infographic January 22, 2015

If today's consumer could be summed up in one word, it might be "fickle." In a world where it's completely normal for a person to...

5 Tips for Effective Multichannel Campaigns

Summer Gould January 22, 2015

Your audience is in more than one place—you need to be too. Multichannel marketing means reaching your audience across more than one channel. A good...

Is Your Ad Legal? Digital Advertising Raises Additional Issues for Marketers

ROI1010_Legal Maters photo1 January 21, 2015

While a strong online presence benefits both businesses and customers, it creates a host of legal issues for businesses and their online marketing strategies. As...

RIP Google Glass: Wearables in 2015

Google Glass January 19, 2015

Goodnight, sweet prince of the wearable kingdom. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is retiring the current iteration of Google Glass,...

Golden Nuggets: Advertising’s ‘Data’ Wave Has Arrived

Chet Dalzell January 19, 2015

When I look at the world of advertising, by way of my career path through the Direct Marketing Association and Harte Hanks and now...

The Top 10 Mobile Marketing Essentials for 2015

Optimize Mobile January 19, 2015

With more phones than toothbrushes on Earth, and people accessing the Web more frequently via mobile than desktop, a marketing plan to reach your...

I Love You, Too - Using Context to Avoid Creepy CRM

Using Context to Avoid Creepy January 15, 2015

Ah yes, young love. The ever-awkward stages of early flirtation, romance, and finally, love. But the issue of who says "I love you" first...

Big Data, Big Problem: FTC Head Warns of IoT Privacy Concerns

LG appliance texting January 12, 2015

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held last week in Las Vegas, wasn't all glitz and glam over the latest and greatest gadgets. Amidst all...

3 Charges for Direct Marketing in 2015

Gary Hennerberg January 7, 2015

The New Year represents a time to reflect on how to recharge direct marketing approaches and strategies. If 2014 results were disappointing, or worse, a...