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5 Ways to Up Qualified Leads Via Email

Mobile email March 23, 2015

Even with all of the new marketing technologies and tactics available, email remains a critical device in marketing's never-ending quest to supply sales with the...

Subject Lines in Sheeps' Clothing: A Go or a No?

Dani Cantor March 22, 2015

I'm sure you've seen it, if not used it yourself: Marketing emails wearing a friendly disguise, boasting "RE:" or "FW:" in their subject lines, usually...

8% Don’t Send Emails, Never Have

Email user info from Pew March 12, 2015

On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) highlighted a segment of the American population many, including marketers, didn't realize existed—the 8 percent of online adults who...

Google Announces Significant Changes

Google's Mobile Wake-up Call March 9, 2015

As a marketer who uses email, you know as well as I do, your campaigns do not stand alone. Without proper support from your website—and...

Recap: Consumers Wanted Your Holiday Email, and the Numbers Prove It

Email envelopes March 6, 2015

Customers aren't bombarded by marketing email around the holidays. In fact they crave more of it ... From everyone. A recent snapshot done by my...

Email Design 101

Email envelopes February 2015

One of the biggest challenges email marketers face is finding a way to cut through the noise of everyday distractions and deliver a welcome and...

Nuts & Bolts - Case Study : More Leads Move in, Fill Up Extra Space

Tablet email social media March 2015

Unlike the mother of a school friend who invoiced a 5-year-old British boy in January for not showing up to her child’s birthday party in...

Nuts & Bolts : Around the World: Email

Email keyboard March 2015

Congratulations, email marketers! Even though A/B testing and personalization aren’t the most glamorous tactic, your efforts are the backbone of any marketing strategy, and it...

That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means: Are Email Clicks Worthless?

Email worker February 19, 2015

For years, email marketers have relied on a metric that was thought to be a rock-solid indicator of two things: That the number of clicks...

Silver Linings Inbox: No Increase in Holiday Spam, Says Return Path

Average Inbox Day February 12, 2015

It might just be a holiday miracle. According to the recently released "State of the Inbox Quarterly Snapshot" for Q4 of 2014 from Return Path,...