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The Problem With A/B Testing

Spider Trainer January 26, 2015

This week we set up an elaborate A/B test on subject lines. I liked "How 1.75 Billion Mobile Users See Your Website" and my...

Email Evolution for a Middle-Aged Discipline

ReachMail infographic January 23, 2015

No one likes to be called "middle-aged," but sometimes it's just a fact. Email is 44. For marketers who also happen to be of a...

3 Reasons to Use Email Data for Crafting a New Campaign Strategy

Email worker January 20, 2015

Marketers have traditionally leaned on email to build and monetize customer relationships rather than for acquisition or head-to-head competitive campaigns. But that's changing. Email data...

Email Newsletter Success Checklist

BB1213_checklist 3 January 15, 2015

Email marketing can be a tried-and-true method for driving sales and establishing quality connections with prospects and customers. A company newsletter can bolster brand awareness,...

Mobile Email Now Rules Email Response Rates

Email at sign gear January 8, 2015

The email marketing benchmark is set. Among 8.7 billion emails sent in Q3 2014 by 140 marketers in 13 industries, open rates rose while click...

5 Tips to Welcome Your Email Customers in the New Year

Email at sign gear January 6, 2015

A new year means new resolutions—make one of them the resolution to craft the perfect welcome to your email program. Welcome emails are an important...

Don’t Just Ho-Ho-Hope Your Emails Get Opened: 3 Tips for Click-Worthy Communications This Holiday Season

email December 17, 2014

This time of year, everything is at a premium—especially time. This presents a major challenge to marketers: How do you create a click-worthy message that...

5 Shades of Pop-Up Email Acquisition on-enter gated pop-up. December 15, 2014

As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is growing our marketing list at a rate higher than our attrition. On average, companies report...

Honest Marketers Spammers Chose to Impersonate in Q3

TM Ice Bucket Challenge December 4, 2014

Remember the joy the #IceBucketChallenge brought to so many in the hot summer months? Everyone from marketers to individual donors voluntarily doused themselves with ice...

Message & Media : Riddle Me This ...

Pat Friesen Headshot December 2014

Most of you reading this probably aren't copywriters. Instead you're the people who provide input to writers; the professionals tasked with creating marketing messages that...