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Email Design 101

Email envelopes February 2015

One of the biggest challenges email marketers face is finding a way to cut through the noise of everyday distractions and deliver a welcome and...

That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means: Are Email Clicks Worthless?

Email worker February 19, 2015

For years, email marketers have relied on a metric that was thought to be a rock-solid indicator of two things: That the number of clicks...

Silver Linings Inbox: No Increase in Holiday Spam, Says Return Path

Average Inbox Day February 12, 2015

It might just be a holiday miracle. According to the recently released "State of the Inbox Quarterly Snapshot" for Q4 of 2014 from Return Path,...

A Parting Shot: What to Say to Unsubscribers

Cornerstone Unsubscribe February 9, 2015

This morning, I went through my inbox and started unsubscribing from all the publications I've accumulated but no longer read. In the process, I considered...

LinkedIn InMail Changes: What B-to-B Sellers Should Do Next

Jeff Molander February 6, 2015

The new LinkedIn InMail changes are in effect—leaving sales reps and managers upset and confused. InMail just got much more expensive for average B-to-B sellers....

3 Email Marketing Tips to Effectively Leverage Data in Messaging

Email envelopes February 3, 2015

Today's marketer faces the complex challenges of meeting the expectations of connected consumers in order to stand out in a cluttered inbox. Customers, now adapted...

E-commerce Link : The More You Know

Reggie Brady February 2015

What is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers? Deliverability. Do your emails get delivered to the primary inbox, show up in a bulk...

Mobile Ready 2015

Mobile Responsive Marketing February 2015

Mobile-optimized content will reign supreme in 2015. This requires brands to ensure that their content strategy takes into consideration varying screen sizes. With a smaller...

Email ROI Holds at 8¢ a Message

Mobile email January 30, 2015

Even as opens were up and clicks were down, revenue per email held steady at 8 cents in the third quarter of 2014, says the...

The Problem With A/B Testing

Spider Trainer January 26, 2015

This week we set up an elaborate A/B test on subject lines. I liked "How 1.75 Billion Mobile Users See Your Website" and my...