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Denny’s Daily Zinger: Dithering, Dippy, Despicable Democrats!

Dem Letter Zinger September 18, 2014

Disclaimer: I voted for Obama for president—twice. Peggy and I each sent his campaign some money. That said, I now despise Democrats. I received...

B-to-B: ‘6 Email Marketing Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask’

Q&A September 17, 2014

B-to-B email marketing messages require a more conservative approach than B-to-C communications, according to a whitepaper announced on Tuesday. "6 Email Marketing Questions You've Been...

Email to Support Your Shopping Cart

Cyndie Shaffstall September 8, 2014

Your website provides you with real estate for validating claims and educating customers, and should be a critical part of every marketing campaign. Yet so...

The Art of the Follow-Up

Jeff Molander September 5, 2014

When prospecting using email or LinkedIn InMail, when should I send a follow-up email—to make sure the prospect saw my email? How long should...

Denny’s Daily Zinger: Email From a Whiny Beggar Running for Congress

beggar zinger September 5, 2014

Somehow, I am on the email list of Aimee Belgard for Congress. I don't know her. Never heard of her. I'm in Pennsylvania. Belgard is...

Carbonite: Unfit to Handle Data

BCS Carbonite Goof September 2, 2014

I have been a Carbonite customer for two or three years. For $59 a year, I was promised continual back-up of everything on my computer...

Email : 7 Ways to Increase Email Deliverability, Engagement and ROI

Prudential Investments email with embedded video September 2014

Deliverability. Relevance. Engagement. ROI. At first glance, these four topics seem unrelated. Yet today's modern email marketer understands they are all required ingredients in every...

Message & Media : 19 Creative Tests to Schedule Right NOW!

Patagonia e-postcard September 2014

Creative testing may sound like an oxymoron, but it's not when you're a direct marketing writer or designer. Testing creative elements, such as headlines, subject...

Mistake or Clever Test?

Carolyn Goodman August 29, 2014

As marketers, we know that consumers are accustomed to providing personal information in exchange for something free. As business-to-business marketers, we know that gated content...

When All Hell Breaks Loose

Email Oops August 25, 2014

With automation comes risk. In the course of drafting, testing and deploying automated programs, many of us have suffered through the terrible realization our automation...